Mercury Retrograde in Taurus & What it Means for You [Sakara Life]


What This Mercury Retrograde in Taurus Means For You

Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus from April 28th to May 22 2016, though give it a plus or minus of 5 days on each side. Here, I will break it down for you...

Astrology is a language of energy, so every day I look at the apparent motion of planets in space and translate to you what this all means in relation to our lives down here on planet earth. You have likely heard the saying “As above, so below” though the full axiom goes like this “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul”. Basically that is saying that everything breathes together – planets, people, plant life, animals, minerals, the market, weather – we are all governed by the same cycles. The planets do not make us do things, and we do not make the planets do things, though there are pervading energies which sweep through the world and they color just about everything.

Mercury retrograde times are tricky and that is because Mercury is the ‘trickster’ planet – communication can be a tricky thing because it is always an interpretation of life. When Mercury’s motion appears to ‘go backwards’ in space, we as well here on earth should follow suit. In other words, you will need to do a bit of back tracking before charging ahead on your new lease, business plan, campaign launch, relationship or whatever it is you may be so excited about at the moment. There are likely pieces you will need to rethink and it’s best you give yourself the time to do so. Also plans made now may not stay in orbit for very long or they may be re-negotiated down the road so no need to worry much if they are not to your ideal design. Often during a retrograde, the mishap is actually your muse to follow. 

Mercury Retrograde will give you a much needed opportunity for pause because when the trickster is working his/her magic in the world, your plans will not go as planned and you will do better not to force them and try to make them work. Instead ask yourself “What else could this mean?” when everything seems to go wrong. With that question, give lots of time as there will be no need to jump to any fast conclusion. As you do this, key pieces of information and missing elements will emerge, so take it slow.

For the entire retrograde, Mercury will be in the earth sign on Taurus which is also another indicator to move very slowly and carefully in whatever it is you may be doing at the moment. Taurus also has rulership over your values in life, your values in work and you core values in relationships. You may be rethinking your stance at the moment and this is a good idea. However, wait until after May 22nd (or at least 5 days later) to come to any conclusions of give the final say.

I like to look at astrology as comparable to having a roadmap of the influences which are coming and going from our sphere of existence. Enjoy this precious time!