Astrology Readings


Having your personalized birth chart read is a unique experience and one you will never forget. Private readings bring out your individual uniqueness and provide motivational guidance so you’re equipped to meet life's challenges as well as successes. During our time together, I’ll show you how your birth chart is a personal roadmap which illuminates your calling, so you can unlock your full potential.  

At the exact time of your birth, the planetary alignment tells us a story about who you are and who you are destined to become. I will tell you the story of your life - past, present and future - and the significant moments that will help guide you. You’ll gain insight into the natural propensities, environmental conditions and major life cycles that influence the person you are meant to be.

Whether you’re at a crossroads in your life and need direction, or are simply curious, your reading will be an enlightening and healing experience. Our time together will allow you to remember why you are here and what drives your soul’s journey.


Astrology is not a religion nor is it fate. It is simply a study of the natural cycles in which we are all an active part. Astrology gives perspective; it teaches us to see things with greater understanding and compassion. A reading can help you navigate through the more challenging periods in life while understanding and integrating the lessons you’re intended to learn. Astrology can also help you take advantage of great opportunity. 

An astrological consultation will ultimately connect you with the magnificent spark that lies within your soul. That light is your own birthright and it too often becomes dulled or shrouded by life’s challenges. A personalized reading can help you to realign with that spark and embody the full brightness of your soul’s power. 

Our greatest navigation tools are the stars and planets above. I look forward to being your guide.

Interested in working with Rebecca on a monthly BASIS? Check out the cosmic coaching packages.


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personal Readings and gift certificates available

After you purchase your astrology reading, you will receive an email to schedule on Rebecca’s calendar. If you are purchasing the reading as a gift, please enter their name into the gift section and indicate if you want a scheduling email to be sent directly to them upon purchase. If you choose to present the gift to them, additional instructions will be sent to you through email that explains how they will schedule. Formal gift certificates will be emailed out.

After making your purchase, if your booking is time sensitive or an emergency, schedule any available date on her calendar and then email Rebecca with your preferred booking times and contact number.


Cosmic Coaching plans

Whether you are beginning a new venture, stuck in limbo, or simply want to optimize your potential and make the most optimal decisions, I will meet with you monthly for an in-depth look at your predicament and your stars.  And we will locate the most auspicious ways to navigate whatever it is that you may be going through. Sessions will be held on the same weekday each month via Zoom or in person. These sessions are all one hour long and recorded with video screen share and audio for your listening afterwards.


See What People are Saying about Rebecca’s Readings

My reading with Rebecca completely changed my view on astrology and gave me a clear road map for the year ahead.
Rebecca is a skilled and gifted astrologer who has provided excellent guidance for me regarding career, relationships, and personal development. She uses her knowledge and gifted intuition to open new doors of self awareness and clarity. I highly recommend her services, especially if you find yourself at crossroads of indecision, or would like a better understanding of your life path. She is professional as well as warm, witty and genuinely compassionate.
— Kristi O’Sullivan, Interior Designer
Astrology was an ancient form of medicine, which Rebecca now brings to life for modern times. She is a true master of her craft and, in reading the alignment of stars upon your birth, Rebecca reminds you of your healthiest alignment of body, mind & spirit...and empowers you to live it!
— Stephanie P. Marango, MD, RYT, Sacred Body Institute
Rebecca Gordon is an amazing astrologer! She is the real deal. I am still blown away by the accuracy and clarity of Rebecca’s reading of my natal chart. I have also delved, on my own, into the significance of signs, elements, houses, aspects and planets over the past 20 years. However, I have never experienced such an illuminating and precise reading as I did with Rebecca. She guided me through each important aspect of my chart and everything resonated, not just in terms of recognizing my own life in the chart but also filling me with a sense of hope and awe for the insights of astrology.

Rebecca has a beautiful ability to communicate astrological information in real world examples and creative metaphors in ways that connect. She also managed to share a lot of information with me with masterful efficiency, all the while allowing our session to unfold as a conversation so that I could connect and ground her insights through my own process. She has a true desire for her clients to get the most out of each session. I still feel elated after our session and cannot wait to continue working with Rebecca. I highly recommend her to anyone who desires to gain real insight and guidance from their astrological charts.
— Catherine C., Filmmaker
“I got a reading from Rebecca at a really difficult time in my life: it seemed like nothing I used to do or be was working anymore. I was actively rooting out old patterns and searching for clues towards more authentic living. The reading really helped me to see the bigger picture, to understand that there was nothing “wrong” with what I was going through, that in fact it was a gift from universe and a great opportunity, if I used this energy for what it was: a total transformation of my unconscious expectations of reality (Pluto transiting my Moon) and rebirth of a new, stronger and more soulful way of life. Now, years later, I still remember some of the beautiful and empowering advice Rebecca gave me, and I can say that it was all “spot on”:). I highly recommend a reading from Rebecca - you will learn so much about yourself and the cycles of your life, all of it in a very practical and relatable way, so you can put it to immediate use in your everyday life.”
— KATRIN HAIBA, Professional Astrologer
I’ve consulted with many astrologists over the years, and so I say this with absolute certainty - Rebecca Gordon is, bar none, my favorite. Anyone could commit to a rigorous course of study in astrology and walk away with a commendable skill set, but it’s a rare bird that is also able to bring that elusive element of magic to the reading table. Rebecca’s talent for gleaming insight from a chart is inspiring and, at times, down-right uncanny, and the sensitivity with which she communicates what she sees is the hallmark of a person who authentically cares about her clients. Rebecca’s love of astrology is palpable, so much so that it is contagious! After each consultation, I inevitably walk away with a greater sense of wonder, so much so that the old adage of “make a wish upon a star” is as relevant to me now as it was when I was a kid.
— MICHAEL M., Lawyer
Rebecca is knowledgeable, intuitive, and gifted. Her readings go full-circle beyond astrology into metaphysical and ground into earthly-world. This was tremendously healing. She the only person I know who can deliver the information in a way that is multi-faceted, elegant and meaningful.
— Rachel Paletsky, Radio Show Host
I’ve been to many astrologers in my day and Rebecca is, hands down, the best. An astrology reading can be a lot of information. Rebecca communicates this information in a way that is relatable, useful and actionable. An astrology session with her feels like a healing. You come away with clarity and a feeling of peace knowing things are exactly as they are supposed to be.
I’ve also had the pleasure of attending a few of Rebecca’s workshops - which are always well attended and chock full of information. She is the best of the best. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Alyssa Snow, Founder of Mind Body Soul Yoga
Rebecca helped me through a really difficult time in my life. Her reading was so insightful and let me know that I was on the right path, that what I was going through was temporary and learning about my chart was exactly the boost I needed to trust myself and feel safe and supported. I felt more relaxed and confident knowing that I was moving through something and into the next phase of my life. We covered all aspects of my birth chart and it was incredible to have my own essence reflected back to me. I would say it has strengthened my inner knowing. She has also been a great resource to my family and helped both of my sisters gain clarity and confidence. Many thanks Rebecca!
— Erika Spring, Au Revoir Simone singer
Rebecca is truly gifted at what she does. Some of the insights from her readings stay with me for years. My friends and I have done readings with her for the past 7 or 8 years and we keep going back to her for more!
— Christine Yang, Project Manager
Rebecca is fun and exciting. She is a fun reader. There are a lot of readers out there and a lot of different styles. Rebecca’s the one you want to go to if you want someone who is serious but who can make the serious elements of your life fun. She will encourage you.
— Adam Elenbaas, Professional Astrologer
Rebecca work is magnificent! Her words, detail oriented, the way she describe things is super precise with everything and her readings are mind blowing. She basically gives you info that’ make you look forward to moving your life in a better way. She is the only Magic Path Astrology in New York City that I highly recommend.. I recommended her to many of my friends because her work is worth than money.
— Abigail Karina D., Musician, Sound Healer
What I remember most about Rebecca’s reading is feeling like she was opening me up like a unique story book, filled with special surprises. I’ve had readings before that I really enjoyed but that was the first time anyone made me feel like that.
— Renee Rotkopf, Hypnotherapist, Coach