Discover the Wisdom of Your Body. 

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Basically an astrologer (me) and a physician (Dr. Stephanie Marango) got together and went deep into the story of our bodies and our stars. We spend a good deal of time in each body region (and zodiac sign) chapter - exploring the realm of  possibility. This book serves as a key to unlock the wisdom of your body. We use the language of astrology to show how our physical form is woven through the  emotional,  mental and spiritual states. This is a guide for healing, self-awareness and recovery. Perfect for an astrologer, Yoga teacher, body worker, or anyone who is willing to ask the question 'what else could this mean' as our bodies are the supreme messengers. We hope you enjoy! And please leave us a review on Amazon.

Your Body and the Stars in the Press

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This book has such a great flow and is full of practical ways to use astrology to boost health and wellness. Its very interesting to feel in the body the area your sign rules... you can instantly remember all the ways that area has been a major part of your attention through out your life. This book is a loving reminder that your body is intelligent and you should listen to it!
— David Sikorjak Jr.
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Wow — this book surprised me. I’ve always found astrology fascinating and never really connected it with my body. The authors have a way of providing practical, wisdom-filled guidance to care for and change your body...and your life in the process. So many answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask.
— Rob
Excellent! Really enjoyed how this book “connected the dots” on Astrology and body. Was thoughtful, insightful, scientific and gave validation to how we respond to various energies of the Universe or at least will open you up to a new perspective. Well-thoughtout overall and a great read and reference book. Dr. Marango and Rebecca Gordon are both incredibly knowledgeable.
— Rae