Rebecca currently hosts yearly retreats in Bali, Mexico, Kripalu (MA), Menla (upstate NY), Berkshires (MA), and Iceland. If you would like to set up a retreat with Rebecca or include her as a co-host for astrology, please fill out this form. Use the optional intake form here to get on the waitlist and be eligible for special offers along with our full retreat schedule.


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The dynamics of two distinct trainers, a give-and-take of lecture, questions, and practice, and the gentle unrushed flow of information from day to day was just incredible. It was effortless to maintain my attention and curiosity throughout the six days. I feel smarter, encouraged, and inspired moving forward into my life with this new perspective!
— Vickie Wacek, Opera Singer
Loved the subject matter. The outer planets have been elusive for me and this workshop made them personal. The interactive components are great support for understanding the material.
— Kat - Kripalu Retreat attendee
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I am so glad I was here, the class was super! Informative, playful, and deep. Looking forward to taking the intermediate class.
— Renée Rotkopf - Hypnotherapist
The wisdom and positive energy from both Rebecca and Stephanie made it possible for our group to transcend to a place that I will remember for my whole life. I will cherish this experience, these people, and who they helped me become.
— Kate Hemmis - kripalu Retreat Attendee
The retreat was deep enough, especially considering it was a beginners level. It was also beautiful and flew smoothly.
— Sam T. - United Nations Representative
Rebecca,Thank you for knowing your strength and power. I appreciate how you use it to open the minds and hearts of those you touch. You gently helped me recognize and accept how to receive and embrace all of our energies and strength. I look forward to working with you and connecting in the future. I am inspired to let the Sun shine within and keep it burning for us all. Our light is important. Thank you for shining and reminding me to shine as well.
— Kai - Kripalu Retreat Attendee
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