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Rebecca Gordon is speaker at business and wellness summits as well as astrology conferences across the globe. With an interdisciplinary approach, she has made it her mission to bring astrology into the conversation – outside of the astrology world. She has given talks on ‘Astrology for Entrepreneurs’ and ‘Astrology for Health and Wellness’ to name a few. Rebecca’s book, Your Body and the Stars’, co-authored by Stephanie Marango MD, has gained the attention of national TV and the Dr. Oz show and she continues to give book talks both nationally and internationally.

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Rebecca,Thank you for knowing your strength and power. I appreciate how you use it to open the minds and hearts of those you touch. You gently helped me recognize and accept how to receive and embrace all of our energies and strength. I look forward to working with you and connecting in the future. I am inspired to let the Sun shine within and keep it burning for us all. Our light is important. Thank you for shining and reminding me to shine as well.
— Kai, Kripalu Retreat Attendee
Rebecca is truly gifted at what she does. Some of the insights from her readings stay with me for years. My friends and I have done readings with her for the past 7 or 8 years and we keep going back to her for more!
— Christine Yang, Project Manager
Rebecca is a deeply curious, dedicated and insightful astrologer who offers a fresh, modern perspective on the ancient science of astrology.
— Kari Erickson, CEO
I’ve consulted with many astrologists over the years, and so I say this with absolute certainty - Rebecca Gordon is, bar none, my favorite. Anyone could commit to a rigorous course of study in astrology and walk away with a commendable skill set, but it’s a rare bird that is also able to bring that elusive element of magic to the reading table. Rebecca’s talent for gleaming insight from a chart is inspiring and, at times, down-right uncanny, and the sensitivity with which she communicates what she sees is the hallmark of a person who authentically cares about her clients. Rebecca’s love of astrology is palpable, so much so that it is contagious! After each consultation, I inevitably walk away with a greater sense of wonder, so much so that the old adage of “make a wish upon a star” is as relevant to me now as it was when I was a kid.
— MICHAEL M., Lawyer

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