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Mini Astrology Readings 

Rebecca Gordon’s celestial accuracy combined with a warm and intuitive approach has made her the #1 entertainment astrologer for NYC’s Press launch and VIP customer events. She will look at the natal chart and year ahead giving each person a unique message about who they are what they can look forward to in the upcoming year with a special focus on timing. Rebecca can also curate readings to personal style, fragrance, and beauty astrology. Event astrology readings are can be either 10 or 15 minutes each. There is also an option for attendees to send Rebecca birth information prior through a link so that all charts will be prepared before the event. Beautifully printed personalized sky maps can also be prepared for each guest.

Astro-dice Divination

The Astro-dice is a system of divination. It works when guest rolls 3 separate Astro-dice into a red velvet dice roller and each one correlates to a different astrological symbol. Without the guest even voicing the question, Rebecca will exclaim the answer to it based on the symbols which were revealed. The divination works well when the questions are clear and then released when the dice are let go. Divination dice are ideal for large groups of people as a very succinct answer to the question can be explained in 3-5 minutes or less.

Add on: Co-branded Astro-Stationery and Other Visions Welcome

Rebecca will write cosmic copy that gives a special message to each sign, either relevant to your brand and sign personality or else on the year ahead. Happy to creatively envision something new and different with the brand as well. For example, with Agent Provocateur, we redesigned the store according to the zodiac so that each sign hosted a series styles that you could walk through and learn astrology through lingerie. Also each guest was given a necklace of their Venus Sign (personal style) as they entered the event.

Half day $1,800
Full day $3,000

Out of Town National and International: Travel rates apply

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Call Rebecca Gordon at 917.365.0862 or click the link below to plan your Astro-themed event.


Astrology Readings for press and customers as Claire Olshan of Dada Daily (an innovative healthy snack brand) opened the doors.


A collaboration with Robyn Berkely of live the Process and Amanda Bacon of Moon Juice. Together they created a cosmic line of athleisure wear that featured astrology. At the public launch and Press Launch, Rebecca gave astrology readings to and astro-dice divination to all guests.


Rebecca gave a talk on the year ahead. She also spoke about the astrology of fashion and how to dress for your sign.  Then Erica Spring of Au Revoir Simone DJ’d and it was an astrology party, shopping event.

Past Events


Rebecca was asked to give in-depth numerology readings to press as Chanel 5 was re-launched for the first time ever. She gave a talk on the numerology and meaning of the number 5 and why it was Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite (and lucky)number. Interestingly, the brand reps were all a 5 in numerology.

Agent Provocateur

The Agent Provocateur team reached out to Rebecca to create a starry and magical event. So Rebecca suggested first they create an experience where the entire store would be akin to walking through the zodiac by element and lingerie style. Rebecca gave a talk on how to ‘be your venus’ in the bedroom and in personal style’. Guests had all RSVP’d and their Venus charts were created prior. Venus rules personal magnetism and love. Based on their Venus sign, each guest was given a beautiful necklace with their Venus sign on it with a silver symbol of Venus. Gusts were guided to their Venus area of the store to meet same Venus signs and shop Venus. Zodiac inspired cocktails were served.


As Christian Louboutin had the idea to create a line of shoes based on the stars, Rebecca was contacted immediately and they worked together to create an interactive event that connected people to their unique style of shoe based on their sign. Rebecca also collaborated with the team to write copy on they recommended shoe style for each sign combined with a horoscope for the year ahead. For the event, Rebecca had each shoe in its category based on zodiac sign, so all customers who entered would have an astro-guide personal shopper with them. Rebecca also gave a talk on the year ahead and did group rounds of the astro-dice divination.


Astrology Readings for press and customers as Claire Olshan of Five Story opened the doors in NYC.


As they were launching a zodiac line, the designer contacted Rebecca to bring her astrology readings and also write copy for each sign on co-branded stationary. Rebecca conducted astrology readings at a press and VIP customer event.


Company contacted Rebecca as they were launching a fragrance line based on the elements. Rebecca gave astrology readings to press and VIP customers and also gave fragrance notes to look for based on their chart.


Rebecca is top notch for luxury brand events whether she is giving astrology readings, numerology or a talk on the year ahead. Our guests always give rave reviews.
— Nancy C, PR Rep
Whether it’s a personal reading, taking an astrology class, or spending time on a retreat with Rebecca Gordon, you will be forever transformed and see your life through a different lens. Rebecca is a gifted and highly engaging teacher who guides you through understanding astrology with grace and ease. That understanding in turn leads to greater compassion for yourself and others. Rebecca is also a wonderful connector and I’m grateful for such beautiful friendships and inspiring students I have met through studying with Rebecca Gordon over the years.
— Jamie Watkins, Assistant Principal for NYC Board of Education
Rebecca is a warm and engaging teacher. She opened up my eyes to all the possibility in my natal chart. Connecting with her has been so transforming for me. I will never be the same - in a really good way.
— Veronica Winsch

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