Cosmic Coaching


Whether you are beginning a new venture, stuck in limbo, or simply want to optimize your potentials, Rebecca will meet with you monthly for an in-depth look at your predicament and your upcoming sky map.  She will help you navigate the most auspicious ways to work with the cosmic cycles, master the challenges, and make the most out of your natal promise.

Sessions will be held monthly via Zoom (video screen share) or in person (NYC). These monthly sessions are all one hour long and recorded with video and audio for you to receive afterwards.


See What People are Saying about Rebecca’s cosmic coaching

I very much enjoyed catching up with Rebecca every month for an entire year. By discussing the outlook of the month ahead, I was provided with a roadmap of potentialities (good and bad) which helped me focus my attention on my own attitudes and experiences. This helped me in my day to day dealings. I managed to introduce Rebecca’s positive interpretations in my own way of seeing things and I think that Rebecca’s insights on life coupled with her talent in astrology create a perfect mix of philosophy and life potentialities that I enjoyed contemplating.
— David Sarfas
Rebecca is a skilled and gifted astrologer who has provided excellent guidance for me regarding career, relationships, and personal development. She uses her knowledge and gifted intuition to open new doors of self awareness and clarity. I highly recommend her services, especially if you find yourself at crossroads of indecision, or would like a better understanding of your life path. She is professional as well as warm, witty and genuinely compassionate.
— Kristi O’Sullivan, Interior Designer
My reading with Rebecca completely changed my view on astrology and gave me a clear road map for the year ahead.
Rebecca is that rare combination of incredibly visionary, intuitive insight grounded in pragmatic advice that is relevant, timely and empowering. There are many astrologers to choose from; Rebecca is the real deal. I highly recommend her coaching and expertise to help you navigate your life journey.
— Kristie Zahn, Talk Show Host
Rebecca’s sessions have been amazing for my business growth. She is able to pinpoint powerful times for marketing and promotion so I can organize my marketing calendar and release of new products around the most auspicious times to do so. Her accuracy regarding when sales are high or when they may be slow has been tremendous help to planning cash flow. She has helped me plan days of signing new leases, beginning construction and even publishing books! Understanding how to time my business with the timing of the stars has led to such an easeful flow of prosperity. I’m so grateful for her!!
— Alyssa Snow, Founder of Mind Body Soul Yoga