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Stellar Team Building

Rebecca uses the keys of astrological profiling to create transformational team building exercises that can deeply strengthen the culture and connection between all members on your working team. She creates easy-to-read profile charts for each team member showing a graphic personality map and the key archetypes in business and life that we all possess. Each one of us brings something unique to the table. This exploring can often be a reaffirmation of inherent strengths, though also an unearthing of under-utilized skills. Rebecca also conducts break-out sessions, small group work, and sharing with the team. The birth chart of the company can also be explained as it shows the DNA present throughout the life of your organization. Rebecca also can also look at the trends showing up based on planetary cycles in the next year ahead. 

The day will be interactive and engaging beginning with an introduction and sharing a power point on how this system works. Following that, she conducts a series of group exercises and sharing integrating all the information. Each person leaves the day with a more intimate relationship to all members and possessing clear concept of their own strengths, challenges and a path to reaching their highest potential through working together.

Year ahead talk

Rebecca will give her signature engaging and informative talk on the trends of our year ahead. She covers trends in business, culture, art and even weather as well what these cosmic trends imply for the various zodiac signs of people in the room. If the hiring company would like, Rebecca will also share the birth chart of the company and discuss its profile also giving a look into the year.


A combined version of the 2 options above. This option is only available for a full day.

Half Day $1,800
Full Day $3,000

Out of Town National and International: Travel rates apply


Call Rebecca Gordon at 917.365.0862 or email below.

Rebecca brought so much energy and expertise to our event! We had a corporate group of 20 people, and she managed to instruct us as a group to learn and practice reading charts together while giving everyone individual attention. This is such a fun, interesting activity for a corporate environment. Rebecca was able to ground almost everything we did in the relationships our team cultivates to help our business (versus veering into the super personal). The biggest takeaway is self-awareness and growth so believers and skeptics alike walked away with a positive experience. Highly recommend working with her if you get the chance!
— Rebecca Conrad, Vayner Media

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Rebecca is a skilled and gifted astrologer who has provided excellent guidance for me regarding career, relationships, and personal development. She uses her knowledge and gifted intuition to open new doors of self awareness and clarity. I highly recommend her services, especially if you find yourself at crossroads of indecision, or would like a better understanding of your life path. She is professional as well as warm, witty and genuinely compassionate.
— Kristi O’Sullivan, Interior Designer
I very much enjoyed catching up with Rebecca every month for an entire year. By discussing the outlook of the month ahead, I was provided with a roadmap of potentialities (good and bad) which helped me focus my attention on my own attitudes and experiences. This helped me in my day to day dealings. I managed to introduce Rebecca’s positive interpretations in my own way of seeing things and I think that Rebecca’s insights on life coupled with her talent in astrology create a perfect mix of philosophy and life potentialities that I enjoyed contemplating.
— David Sarfas
Align you with your stars - multiply your success.
— Rebecca Gordon
What I remember most about Rebecca’s reading is feeling like she was opening me up like a unique story book, filled with special surprises. I’ve had readings before that I really enjoyed but that was the first time anyone made me feel like that.
— Renee Rotkopf, Hypnotherapist, Coach
Rebecca is top notch for luxury brand events whether she is giving astrology readings, numerology or a talk on the year ahead. Our guests always give rave reviews.
— Nancy C., PR Rep

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