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Your Cosmic Signature: Create the Lifestyle to Suit Your Soul

Rebecca will guide you to explore the meaning of your ‘soul signature’ - the interplay of your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and the unique story it tells. The soul signature reveals your core archetype (what you are here to do), how you can best do it, and what nourishment you will need along the way to stay fortified. We will also look at the various ‘elemental’ combinations that are in this signature. As Rebecca guides you through this exploration, you will discover your unique recipe of relationship, career and overall wellness that will keep you optimally functioning. In our current lifestyles, we do often neglect our Moon sign and those are the times when our lives fall out of balance with fatigue, stress, depression or anxiety. We will explore daily practices of how to honor your Moon sign and keep yourself nourished and resilient. You will receive an email with instructions on how to provide your birth information to receive a personal soul signature map.

If you have already registered, please write your birth information in the tab below. Click 'Write to Rebecca' and make sure to put 'WOW; in the subject header of your email. In the email please include: Full name, month, date and year of birth written out, exact time of birth, and city and state of birth. If the time is unsure, please included the suspected range. If the time is unknown, let me know as well. You will be able to participate no matter what the situation. However, try to retrieve your exact birth time if possible.

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