Book Interview and How I became an Astrologer



Meet astrologer and author Rebecca Gordon

I do feel that our lens on the past very much casts a light forward into our future and that is one of the reasons it can be so helpful to put the past in a different light.

I have been running a full time practice for 12 years now and teaching for 10 – running the My Path Astrology School. Teaching is incredible because every year I get to fall in love with astrology all over with a new group of beginner students.

SSS: You’re the resident astrologer for Harper’s Bazaar! That’s amazing. It sounds like you’ve had a journey full of fabulous moments! With clients from the world of fashion and beauty – wow!! Was it always your goal to be a columnist at a fashion magazine? How has your path led you here?

Well, I love to write. When I was in my early 20’s I attended my first conference and took the ISAR program. The encouragement was amazing there, and it was the first time I was experiencing astrology outside of books and learning at home.

That is where I also met Susan Miller of astrologyzone – an incredible mentor who always pushed me way beyond my comfort zone and I loved that. She is the one who actually made me realize this could be a career and I left my other work at around age 25 to solely pursue astrology.

My early clients were from the fashion and art world because I had worked at a gallery and as a stylist prior and that is where I knew people. Though of course, I was really doing everyone’s chart behind closed doors for those years!

SSS: I’m a big believer that how we look (and dress) is linked to astrology, what are your thoughts?


I was a stylist for some time and would only work with someone after I had been able to work with their chart and find their style signature. It is amazing how clearly our physical features often resemble our Sun or rising sign and often the planet on the ascendant.

I think we all shine most when our outer appearance is a pure representation of what is in the inside (our cosmic make-up).

SSS: Yes! Me too – any hot tips from an expert at finding your Star Sign Style?

Yeah! I feel the Sun sign is your canvas and it’s best to begin with that place of style comfort. Hair and accessories can be best expressed by the rising sign and I feel your Venus sign is key as well in creating a sense of magnetism and allure if you are a woman. For men, it is Sun, Ascendant Mars, though of course we can play with the Mars-Venus mash-up here.

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