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This Is The Best Yoga Pose For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you're anything like me, you've probably read up a good deal about your zodiac sign to better understand and work on your personality traits. Or, maybe you just like to occasionally skim through the newspaper's horoscope section to check out what the stars say is in store for you. But what if I told you that your star sign might also help you pick the best yoga pose for your body and mind?

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Rebecca On The Dr. Oz Show: Your Personal Health Horoscope

It was such an honor to return to the Dr.Oz show for the 3rd time talking about the connection between your physical health and your zodiac sign. I explain that all of the signs exist within each of us no matter what your 'sun sign' is. When a part of our body feels out of balance, we can look to the qualities of that sign to see what area of our life needs to be addressed. And also, you can take preventive health measures by simply strengthening the areas of your body related to certain signs in your astrological chart.

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Instead of opting for a traditional gift guide this year, I curated something a little more out there — as in out of this world and in the cosmos! I am ecstatic to have had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned Astrologer, Rebecca Gordon from My Path Astrology, on the following sustainable fashion and zodiac gift guide for Harper’s Bazaar.

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Virgo Season: Ignite Your Purpose

Today as Mercury enters it's home sign Virgo, and the Moon enters Taurus, we are finally landing from all the wild eclipse energy of August. There is no better time than the present to dry off, and step with one foot in front of the other into your new direction that is finally coming into a clear focus. Gotta Love Mercury Direct.

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