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Astrology In Action: How To Use The Power Of Planets To Multiply Your Success (Yoga Tree - 2807 Telegraph ave. Berekeley, CA)

  • Yoga Tree 2807 Telegraph Ave Berkeley, CA, 94705 United States (map)

Astrology is the language of energy and a powerful tool we can all have access to. Would you like to have learn the secrets of cosmic timing and multiply your success in the year to come? Rebecca Gordon will share with you the basic tools in syncing your calendar to cosmos and reconnecting to the great cosmic clocks - the planets. There are auspicious and challenging times for just about everything we do. Living your life in harmony with lunar and planetary cycles will create a sense of ease and facilitate more glowing opportunities. One of the main advantages to cosmic timing is that there will be a lot less tension because you will always be in harmony with the cosmic current. When you are not fighting the cosmic currents, you will witness an increase in your vitality, intuition and personal magnetism.

It is truly all about the timing and when you get on the wave at the right time, you will be primed for a striking success. In our workshop, we will cover astrological topics such as planning with new moons, full moons, planets in signs, and major aspects. Each attendee will have access to my easy-to-read astrological calendars. 

Our 365 day year is based on a solar calendar, though there are so many other cosmic cycles that will show your patterns of growth, evolution, love and success such as our lunar calendar, the Venus and the Mars calendar. We will also look at Jupiter and Saturn Calendars for years of Karmic lessons and good luck. You will leave this workshop with stellar navigational tools, the power of planets behind you, and a clear outlook for your year ahead.