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Your Planets in Love

What does your astrological Mars-Sun and Venus-Moon placements reveal about your relationships in business, family and love? We are all made so uniquely and by revealing your passion signatures, you can you best use your cosmic ‘raw material’ to create a life that you love. The placement of Mars and Venus reveal your signatures of style, sensuality, passion, power. The Sun and Moon reveal the core of your being, the anima and animus within – your masculine and feminine drives.

Weather it is a marriage, business relationship or family dynamic, you will be able to apply this planetary wisdom to all your relations. 

Discover what magnetizes some people to you and what may push others away. Each one of us is a rare blend of cosmic ingredients. We will dive into the story told by your passion planets in the chart. These are your power centers. Get to know them in our play shop. This will be your key to becoming a magnetic attractor for that which serves you.

Ready to get out of the ruts and 'safety zones'? Bring to life your true passion signature as you re-discover yourself in this workshop as we uncover your cosmic potential. When you are in touch with that core part of your being, your landscape will begin to shift to match your inner ‘ecosystem’. When you are so keenly aware of your own passion signature, you will not make the mistakes of engaging in relations if they are not an ideal match to you.

We will examine what your astrological expressions look like in their highest form, the divine feminine and masculine within you. You will be able to apply this wisdom to your relationships, sensuality and projects of passion. Couples and singles, men and women all welcome.