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Eclipse Season & What it Means for You

A Solar Eclipse in Pisces will occur on March 8th and a Lunar Eclipse will occur in Libra on March 23. These a rare and powerful cosmic event that generally only happen twice a year. A Solar Eclipse is comparable to a whole years’ worth of New Moons all rolled into one. And a Lunar is a whole years worth of full Moons rolled into one. Each Eclipse will deliver a certain message for your sign and the eclipse stories may stay with you for a year or longer. They act as portals for you to transform your life in a profound sort of way. Eclipses are famous for pushing you out of ruts that you didn’t even know were ruts. This eclipse in Pisces will be a lights-on wake-up call to commit to your truth and abort all that is not in line with that truth. Often, when we try to keep things status quo during eclipse season, external events will happen that work magically to usher you into the new and improved landscape. Though it can often be a rocky ride getting there as eclipses are total non-negotiables. Learn about what the eclipse's will mean for you and how to use them as evolutionary tools.