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Body & Stars (Prague, CZ)

  • Kundalini Prague 21 Národní Prague, Prague, 110 00 Czech Republic (map)

Rebecca Gordon is a NYC native, Horoscope columnist for Harper’s Bazaar and Kundalini teacher. She will be blending Astrology and Kundalini Yoga in this workshop, showing the very real connection between your physical body and the constellations above. Rebecca will work with the room on a zodiacal body scan as we recognize the qualities of each sign within us. She will share healing techniques as well to ‘tonify’ and balance the qualities of each sign within you.

If you believe ‘you are what you eat’, let’s take it a step further. How about; you are what you think, you are what you feel and you are what the universe has designed you to be in your physical form. It is the physical form which is an expression of the soul, spirit, emotions and psyche. It is your physical form which tells a story of the soul and it is also the physical form which is an ideal place to begin the healing work from. In this workshop, Rebecca will guide you to connect the dots between your strengths, susceptibilities, talents, challenges and practical tools for balance as shown in the Rebecca’s latest book ‘Your Body and the Stars’. She will give you tools to read the story of your body and learn how to manage your own nature best using the zodiac as your guide to wellness. Rebecca’s latest publication, ‘Your Body and the Stars’ by Simon and Schuster is available now on Amazon.