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The Astrology of 2017 – Your Cosmic Outlook

Rebecca will bring you clear and practical guidance for successfully navigating your way through the cosmos of 2017.  You will learn where to best focus your energy for maximum growth in the areas of love, career, finance, travel, health, spirituality and where the challenges may be as well. We will cover the year ahead for each zodiac sign as well as culture trends as seen through cosmos. 

When you know the cosmic terrain, navigating your life in 2017 will be a well-lit journey to success.

Within the talk, Rebecca will share specific messages for certain birthdays and zodiac signs and you will have the opportunity to ask those burning questions. If you like to have those coveted, key dates to remember, you may opt to bring a notebook or calendar to write in during the event. From our evening together, you will emerge empowered, inspired and ready to commit to the fullness of your potential for 2017, though now with a stellar, cosmic road map in hand. 

The location of our event will be kept private until the day of, though it is within blocks from 8th ave & 14th st. in case you need to plan for travel time. Email with exact address will be sent to all sign-ups on the day of event by 3:00pm with "The Astrology of 2017 [Your Event Details]" in the subject header. 

 No photos or video will be allowed in the venue. 

Admittance list will close at 2:00pm on Jan. 5th and there is limited seating so make sure to sign up prior if you would like to attend.