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Aries: Your Inner Warrior

  • The Alchemists Kitchen 21 East 1st Street New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Aries represents a fearless trailblazer and warrior within. Discover how this sign and the planet Mars come alive uniquely in your astrological chart – where you will best exert your revolutionary Aries energy into the world. Each attendee will view a personalized Aries-Mars chart based on the birth info you submit below.

We’ll also explore the global trend of Uranus in Aries and what that means for you on an individual level – where your current wake-up call is, and how you can bring that forth into the world.

Rebecca will share daily practices on activating your inner-Aries and directing your most powerful primal energy.

You are encouraged to submit birth info here (month/day/year/exact time/city and state). Write ARIES in the subject header in order to have Your Aries-Mars chart prepared. If you do not have your exact time of birth, please indicate.

Recommended reading: ‘Your Body and the Stars,’ by Stephanie Marango MD, and Rebecca Gordon. Aries Chapter.