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Gemini: The Hand & Mind Connection

  • The Alchemists Kitchen 21 East 1st Street New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Meditation & Activation
Join Rebecca Gordon for an exploration into the zodiac sign of Gemini, the mental body, and its unique metabolism. We begin with hand mudras to activate the Gemini centers in the body and strengthen the nervous system and mind.

Chart work
Gemini rules the planet, Mercury which (in your birth chart) acts as the transmitter of information and conductor of your whole planetary orchestra. Discover how the sign and house of your Mercury will set your rhythm in life and daily explorations. Mercury holds a specific wisdom for each of us and the keys to unlocking the minds potential.

We will have a closer look at the retrograde patterns of Mercury this coming year and the story it reveals. Mercury speeds around the Sun and retrogrades 3 times a year, always picking up remnants left behind and integrating past into present. This speaks to the minds ability to travel though time and integrate pieces from all epochs. 

Recommended Reading: ‘Your Body and the Stars’ by Rebecca Gordon and Stephanie Marango MD. Books sold at Alchemist's Kitchen and also available through Kindle.

Submit Birth info for Your Gemini Chart:
(Name, Month/day/year of birth, city, state, country, exact birth time) here: 
Write GEMINI in the subject header in order to have Your GEMINI-MERCURY CHART prepared. 

$20 in advance / $25 at the door

Earlier Event: May 6