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Intermediate Astrology Class

*All Classes Will be available in Video or Audio to watch / download at anytime along with      complimentary materials; all of which you will have life-time access to.

* Sixth and last class will be 5 hour days live in NYC (Sundays) and also live streamed for out of country students. All 10 other classes will be 1 - 1.5  hours and these will be released once a week Thursday mornings.

* There will be tons of great supplementary material and homework as well. You are able to go at your own pace, though we recommend keeping up with the weekly classes and assignments .

* All classes and modules will live in the 'My Path Astrology School' software which you will gain access to after signing up - one will be sent each week. You will receive with each class download: audio, video, pdf, and homework assignment, along with any supplementary and recommended reading.

* Also enjoy access to the Q&A message board for each class and where you can share your assignments, post questions and relevant insight.

* Certificates of Completion will be given based on your work in the class. 

You must have a basic working knowledge of astrology and natal charts to attend. 



Week 1: FREE WILL V/S DESTINY IN THE NATAL CHART We review many notorious and famous charts under a microscope. 

Week 2: ECLIPSES, NEW MOONS AND FULL MOONS IN PREDICTION The Pre-natal eclipse and your passage through time

Week 3: TRANSITS: HOW THEY AWAKEN YOUR PLANETS Transits are the living archetypes: explore the messages they come to deliver. Each student receives a Transit Chart. 

Week 4: INNER PLANETS IN TRANSIT How to give a condensed reading with this useful knowledge.

Week 5: OUTER PLANETS IN TRANSIT: (URANUS, NEPTUNE, AND PLUTO) How they transform your world: empowering or earth-shattering.

Week 6 (LIVE IN NYC 1:00pm - 6:00pm): 

REVIEW CLASS + SOLAR RETURN CHART:  A Review on all previous material & how give a year-ahead reading with the solar return

Week 7: PROGRESSIONS:  Budding Emergence of New Traits / Personality As the Natal Chart unfolds, progressions sow the seeds of evolution. Each student receives a print of their chart progressions.

Week 8: THE PROGRESSED MOON CYCLESMoon cycles are your inner clock and superior timing device. This 28 year cycle in your life will be explored

Week 9: SYNASTRY: RELATIONSHIP ASTROLOGY Composite Charts - the Energy pattern of two souls in one chart. Compatibility Reading -  the Synastry Grids and Bi-Wheels

Week 10: ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGY: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TIMING! How to find the perfect time for anything, i.e. a new business venture, wedding, interview, website launch.

Week 11: HORARY ASTROLOGY: THE MAGIC OF THE HOUR A Renaissance technique used in the old ‘Psychic Fairs’ provides immediate answers to any question asked based on the chart of the moment.

Week 12 (LIVE IN NYC 2:00pm - 6:00pm): BREAK OUT SESSIONS We use all techniques and apply to real-life scenarios.