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Your Cosmic Calendar :: Forecasting Your Year Ahead with the Lunar Cycles

  • Mama Glow 267 Berry Street Brooklyn, NY, 11249 United States (map)

Join us in an afternoon of moon magic. Sync your life to the lunar cycles and amplify your success in the year to come. Master astrologer Rebecca Gordon will guide you in creating a personalized zodiac calendar based on your sun sign and help you plot the course through your next 12 months ahead. With this cosmic calendar on hand, you can design your life to align with the natural cycles versus working against them.  We will look at the themes of each month, what to prepare for, what to avoid, rituals to support the moon phases as well as intel on which new Moons will work in your favor and how.

When you work with the cycles of our Sun and Moon versus only using the traditional calendar, you tap into synchronicities and abundance. When you're on the moon's time you will often get the feeling that you're at the right place at the right time. It's our time to regain harmony with the natural cycles. Let’s use the energy of the moon to co-create a stellar year.

Rebecca’s signature Beginners Astrology Course opens Oct. 4. All attendees will receive a bonus VIP entry pass.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to work with the cyclical flow and energy of the lunar cycle

  • How to map your schedule to support activities aligned with the waxing and waning energies of the moon

  • Restore harmony and integrate moon time into your calendar.

Investment- $55.00


Each attendee will receive a personalized zodiac calendar.