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How to Read Your Birth Chart & Discover Your Life Path


Discover Your Life Path with Astrology

When: September 22, 12:00pm EST / 9:00am PST

Where: Zoom Webinar. You will be sent a link after you sign up

Gain Access to Your Personalized Road Map and Learn How to Use It

Learn the Keys to finding Life Path in your Birth Chart
Career, relationship, and life path guidance

· Get clear on your path and purpose

· Uncover the 3 keys in your birth chart to unlock your potential within

· How to make better decisions based on your true nature

Join professional astrologer, Rebecca Gordon to uncover your potential with astrology and live the life you were born for.


This Webinar is for You:

if you love astrology and want to go deeper

if you want a road map for life based on your moment of birth 

if you are at a crossroads and need clarity on your life path

if you want a no-fluff, real deal approach to astrology with real answers

if you want access to your road map for navigating your career path and relationships

if you want to become a professional astrologer or find guidance in your birth map


You Will Learn:

How to access your full potential as found in your birth chart

Get clarity on your life path and purpose.

Learn how to make better decisions by aligning your actions with your natal chart

Learn the keys to your personal success as found in your birth chart.

How to best nourish care for yourself based on your unique sky map


Your Benefits:

You will have a deeper understanding of your core needs and how to nourish yourself

Your relationships will improve as you will learn your signatures for compatibility

You will make better life decisions because you are acting in alignment with your own birth map

You will be able to navigate your career path with confidence and ease knowing you are living in alignment with your true purpose 

You will understand your role in groups and communities based on your birth signature

You will see what life strategies work for you and which ones will not

The Alchemy of 3 – Your Success Map in the Stars

There are 3 keys in the chart to understanding life path and purpose. By knowing these keys, you can make decisions with confidence and ease knowing that you are acting in alignment with your true self. 

·       Learn the secret nature of your Sun sign and how it defines your role in the world.

·       Discover how your Rising sign becomes the vehicle and your most ideal approach to any situation based on birth time

·       Uncover the more hidden Moon sign and learn how it is the key ingredient in any successful relationship

Join Me and Discover Your Life Path With Astrology

I will lead you in a step by step approach to understanding the basics of reading a chart and how to locate the important ingredients. You will gain insight into how your Sun, Moon and rising sign will tell a story about your life path and purpose. Do not miss out on this opportunity to learn the keys to your personal success.