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Your Cosmic Journey - The Astrology of 2015

  • Awakening NY Wellness Center 607 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Find out what the Cosmos has to say to you as we enter the exciting and transitional year of 2015. In our evening together, Rebecca Gordon, NYC astrologer & columnist will guide you through the planetary patterns of the year ahead, what they will mean for your birth sign and for the collective. Katrin Haiba, Estonian Shamanic Visionary will guide you in your own vision journey to actualize this all in a beautiful ceremony following. Bring a notebook if you like - there will be messages to help you on your path.

The New Year starts off with a Bang - Sun meets potent Pluto on January 3rd, launching us all on a profound journey of personal EMPOWERMENT and manifestation.  Yes, we ARE the change we've been looking for and there is no longer room to be afraid of yourself.  This Shamanic Astrology Journey will clear the way for an infinite possibility that lives within you. The workshop and ceremony are designed to assist your divine potential to rise up in the coming year, for you to step into the life you were born to live.

Rebecca Gordon will offer you clear and practical guidance for successfully navigating your way through the seas of 2015.  You will learn where to best focus your energy for maximum growth in the areas of love, career, travel, spirituality and what to avoid as well. You will also get a chance to EXPERIENCE the astrological currents right here and now, as Katrin Haiba, shamanic healer and astrological adventurer takes you on a deep Shamanic Journey through the Sky-Map of 2015.  You will emerge energized, empowered and ready to commit to your life.

And, let's not forget the fun stuff - there's a sizzling romance in the sky as Venus and Mars meet up for three hot dates in 2015, setting off sparks and fireworks in all our lives. Hope to see you here at Awakening. Blessings.