Little Mercury had A LOT to Say – did you Get the Memo?


You may have learned a powerful lesson on relationships; namely about who is in your corner and who is not. You have staunch supporters so show them your trust.


Reflection on old career ambitions has brought you to this fated decision time. No need to hold on to the past if you have truly moved on. This can be a liberation jump.


With the retro speeds of ‘backwards’, ‘slow and ‘stop’, you must have garnered vital wisdom about the nature of patience. Mercury stayed with you to help you let go of an outmoded philosophy on life. Did you let it go?


Private time to contemplate your story about money… Why was that once your story and are you ready to throw it in the flames? Explore new earning potentials.


Taking stock of your relationship or the patterns that kept you away? Now that you may have some answers and clarity, it’s time to commit to your truth in love on the Feb 18 Moon


You’re naturally so fastidious about health though it seems that you have finally received answers to a longstanding health concern. Next step: take charge of your diet and lifestyle.


Mercury reversed it. So did you? Every once in a while you must slow down refresh your relationship. Put a new spin on things and breathe new life into your love. 


Reconnecting with you family could be revealing. A family secret or conversation can clear up any misunderstandings. Once the past clarifies, so does your future.


You may have endured a good ole text book retrograde. With silly miscommunications and tech glitch galore. Though, that’s because the universe requests you to slow down the roll. And reset your aim…. Higher.


While your extremely adept on managing a budget, the last few weeks may have thrown you for a financial surprise. With a little back tracking you’ll get your numbers back in order though remember that sometime we must leave room for ‘chance’.


 So we were glamping with little Mercury in back-to-the-future-Aquarius. What a place to go retro – in technology itself! When all systems break down, make it a statement and take a tech vaca, maybe Topanga or go full on to Tonga? Unplugging for just a day can do wonders for you Aquarius.


Now that Mercury has done double time in your sector of other-worldly experience, you may now be even that much closer to the mother ship than before. Truly though, it seems you have done a good deal of soul searching recently and now it’s time to speak up for yourself in this relationship with the full Moon March 5