Rebirthing: An Eclipse at the End of Pisces

Eclipse Message

and into the world we burst forth... Maureen Dodd, featured visionary artist  has created this healing visual in marker and watercolor. To me, it looked like a solar eclipse at the very end of of Pisces! She is truly tuned in. It seems to capture that primordial space from the oneness of Pisces, the seeds in soil, the womb of the earth and the love that connects all life. So then then we are born! though we must not forget the vital connectivity of everything and that we remain tethered in a vast unified field.

Where formless becomes form, we move from 29 Pisces to 0 Aries, where all life begins. From the womb to wild birth, from oneness to individual, we must not forget the timeless woven fabric of life and the invisible threads that tie us to one another and to this planet. On this Eclipse of March 20th, may we personally rebirth ourselves from the infinite womb - where we all come from. This would be an ideal time for a private or group ceremony, rebirthing. Create your own ritual! It's time to make a choice and and to commit to the life that you were born to live. The earth needs you to be you in your brightest form. This eclipse is about reclaiming your emergence from the womb. Your right to be here on the planet, right here and now. It is time to emerge, stand up and dry off. Happy Solar Eclipse in Pisces!

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