June 2015 Horoscopes


Ok seriously – your love life is on fire in June and so are you creative powers.  With the help of wild-card Uranus in Aries and lucky Jupiter helping out in the romance sector, your powers of attraction will be at an all-time high. That said, it will be ideal for you to first get clear on what you may like to create in your life, and then take the most intentional steps. Venus nestles up to a Jupiter in glamorous Leo on the last day of June – and the 5 days building are most desirable for love.


Finally Mercury goes direct – just in time for a new Moon on June 16. Looking for a new source of income? Perhaps you are finally ready to go public with your hobby and consider turning it into a business? This new moon is all about valuing yourself more and with the motor of Mars behind it, you will be able to move mountains on a monetary level. Be Courageous and ask. It seems like your family may even give helpful guidance.


The full Moon of June 2 shines a spot light on your closest partnerships and asks where changes can be made. As you are now seeing things with more clarity, it seems you are also becoming aware of the importance of this relationship. It’s a time of honesty and also facing limitations.  Full moons always bring things to light though this one, with the closeness to Saturn, brings reality without any dressing. Truth and transparency will be your June essentials.


You have an extra long visit of disciplinay Saturn to the health sector of your chart and this month he conjoins with a full moon asking you in a very stern voice to finally let go of that old habit that is getting in the way of the life you were born to live. Whew! If you end your habit on the full moon of June 2nd , the proximity to Saturn will ensure that you don’t go back. June’s theme is cleansing and purifying your body, extract out the toxins, do lots of Yoga and make great health the centerpiece.


As dreamy Venus enters Leo June 5th, the goddess will be setting up camp and staying until Oct. 8th. That’s a Long time - 4 times her normal visit to Leo. In other words your personal magnetism will be off the charts. The full moon in Sagittarius June 2nd will highlight a key relationship and bring a sense of clarity about the level of commitment. I will call this your “summer of love” for all purposes. Take up the glowing invites to summer parties as lasting connections will be made.


Your planetary ruler Mercury will thankfully turn direct mid-month just in time for a new moon in the career sector of your chart. This moon cycle is all about entering a larger playing field with more possibilities and likely more responsibilities as well. Seems you will have a high level of motivation and work load to match. However with Mars alongside the new moon, make sure your working efficiently and use this time to streamline your business to create a stronger infrastructure for the future.


The new moon of June 16 will ask you to take action in furthering your studies. You may learn a brand new business strategy, build more of a media platform or possibly create a website or rebrand yourself after a long reflection. Enlisting experts will be a good idea as the stars align to help you more forward with the marketing sharing or your idea. Your friends will be in your corner making stellar intros so spread the word.


Scorpio presides over the process of change – death and birth. In order to bring in the birth of something new, you must let go and trust. It seems that the same factors which previously gave you security are now starting to shift beneath your feet. Time to release what may be draining you and research new options. You may explore a more commission based salary or an investment that will gain value. June 28, 29 and 30 will be days to explore an exciting professional opportunity.


After a long period of reflection on your relationship, it seems that you will be crystal clear about the necessary changes to go forward. This retrograde may have revealed to you any patterns that may have kept you in a certain relationship or else away from relationships altogether. Single? A glowing new moon on June 13. will brim with opportunity. Go out and explore.


Keeping a healthy mind is key to keeping a healthy body and vice versa. Let this be your Mantra for June as all of the action in your chart is about habits. You’re ready to make and break them like a rock star! Giving up an unhealthy habit on the full moon of June 2nd can be a well-timed as the moon travels close to stern Saturn giving it a sense of finality. Begin your new healthy Yoga regimen and cleaner diet on the new moon of June 16th for best results.


Oh my, 6 planets will occupy your sectors of love and romance bringing you a divine encounters in the 2nd half of June. Circle the last 5 days as Venus, Jupiter and Uranus join for sparkling conversation with a partner. You may even decide to tie the knot or renew your vows. Possibly you clear the air from any longstanding difficulties. Single? Not for long – as your wit and charm will captivate audiences. Play in the magic of Jupiter and Venus!


The full moon of June 2 will bring in a rich harvest in your sector of fame and honors. Your long hours of the last 6 months will finally begin to pay off as recognition and greater gains are now available. If you are at all unsatisfied with your ‘harvest’, use this full moon as a time to reconsider your career path and make any changes to your public role. The fire trine in the sky will bring in new more enjoyable projects as you release what is no longer fitting.


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