May Horoscopes


May will beckon for you to put on the brakes and take in the scenery. Not your usual MO? This month is full of signs and signals that you must slow down enough in order to get the memo or else important details will be overlooked with the Mercury Retro. There will be vital information to take in before spinning your wheels back into the fast lane and this may even ask you to question your overall strategy and life direction. With Stern Saturn in opposition to your planetary ruler mid-month, you’ll need extra breathing room in your schedule to understand those with alternate view points and consider adjustments on your own life direction. Patience and humility will be your best assets.


A new Moon in Taurus on May 18 will be your glowing invitation to reinvent your self-image.  This may first include valuing yourself more. It seems you are due for true financial breakthrough, though in order for this to happen, a more expansive state of mind must first replace the old dusty beliefs on your wealth and aptitude. As Mercury takes a long retrograde in your money sector, new ideas and images of your worth can begin to live inside you as your previous self-image will willingly give way to the new. You may not want to dig in your heels with on May 21 when a mentor seems to have vital wisdom and an opportunity for your future. Listen more than talk.


Strong winds will pervade in Gemini in May with Mercury, Mars and the Sun all playing in your corner so you are certainly in the captain’s seat. Though perhaps you will reconsider your personal navigation as the ocean current is going elsewhere at the moment. As Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini mid-month, the urge to move forward will be best expressed by doing your research and digging a bit in the ocean of personal patterns and a certain key relationship. Retrogrades need some to fully unpack, though truth will prevail if you are patient and flexible. With a new moon that is urging you to the deep soul searching May 18, you may come to an important realization about your role in this key relationship.


Cupid seems to be hovering around you as you may have recently been pricked with his bow on the full moon of May 3. Now, as you are thawing out to being the Aphrodite of the zodiac with Venus in Cancer, adorn yourself and luxuriate in fragrance, massage, new styles and more joy. May 15 will bring an opportunity to step into your power in love with an interesting play of Pluto and Venus. Don’t get pressured in to doing something that may not feel right for you. Meanwhile exploring your edge (the space outside of your boundaries) could create a total break-through in love.


As you are now raising the roof on your professional image with a new moon at the top of your chart, make sure that these new responsibilities are realistic with your need for creativity as well. With every advancement you make, ask yourself – is their built in play time? Your secret sauce comes from your time to imagine, create and explore life like a child. While Mercury backtracks through your dreams of the past, take this month to sift through your dream and visions so that you may Revision yourself in the world and strike a balance of the creative and the manager within you. Try drawing, making a vision board or writing to hash out some of these ideas.


Travel will brim with business and social opportunities so stay plugged in no matter where you go. With a new moon embarking on foreign shores, It seems that your scope of opportunity is growing as a result. However there is another active energy center in your chart and this is in the area of home and family. Sometimes new vistas and experiences can teach us so much – even wisdom we may be able to translate to a long-time challenge at the home front. On another note, buy your time concerning a professional opportunity until your planetary ruler Mercury goes direct on June 13 – you can do the research meanwhile.


We are eternal students here on earth and especially in the month of May while many of the planets present you with opportunities to learn new skill sets and brush up on your industry. As stately Saturn builds a castle in your sector of communications and learning, you may be honing a vital skill that will last you a lifetime or perhaps you are penning a book. Yes, you may need to decline a few social invites as disciplinary Saturn asks you to make the investment here. These are the building blocks for your future. Explore new areas of interest and learning.


Although the urge to merge may be very strong, that special someone may be seeing a few other practical matters that must be addressed if this relationship is to continue or even begin. There is no need to make any big decisions about the future of your relationship now. May 21 may be an intense and revealing encounter as your ruler Pluto and Venus get into a staring contest. Mercury retrograde through the subconscious brings time to reflect on your patterns regarding intimacy as you comb through the knots inside and start to get clarity. This may take time so be patient. By the end of June, you will have a sense of certainty under your belt that will only come from deep reflection and real conversation.


It ain’t easy being a Sadge with Mr. Saturn and this his set new of rules which is now your life. Your new responsibilities in life are no joke though now it seems that you are being asked to restructure your overall routine with this new moon and make space for a little something called fun. Remember that? Pure spontaneous Fun will be the secret ingredient to May. As almost every little planet will oppose Mr. Saturn in Sadge, the universe asks you to break down your routines that are too confining, and to manifest a more spacious life architect. Yes, you can make a deal with Saturn, as long as your practical.


Love is in the air. And there are also reasons to play it safe : ) As a new moon lights up your love sector and opposes Saturn, consider this a precious time to understand what may be drawing you to this relationship and also what may be keeping you away? What are your values and are they in line with your partners? Meanwhile, no need to come to any final conclusions at the moment as mercury is retrograde. More so, focus on your own health, your inner eco-system as your outer world and relations can only be as healthy as your inner. How can you improve your daily regimen and by doing so, you can create healthier relations at work and with your partner.


You may have found yourself in the career spotlight early in May as the Scorpio full moon cast a bright light in the most public sector of your chart. Along with the career spot light, comes illuminations, realizations and questions about your current trajectory. Reflect on the steps you’re taking and ask if they best suite your creative expression. As Mercury will be Retro, consider new ways to ‘express yourself’. There is another question mark and that is in the area of love – you may need to do some backtracking before a relationship can move forward again.


May bursts with opportunities, mainly showing a new way for you to communicate with the world – this could be using a new form of technology, media, speaking or writing. With Saturn setting up a camp in the very top of your chart, you may want to first ensure that there will be no conflict of interest here with the new opportunity and your responsibilities of the past. A thoughtful negotiation may be necessary to strike a balance. Steer clear of May 29 and 31 as the fog sets in. And I love May 16th - an ideal time for these talks as your planetary ruler Neptune will get a little help from Venus.