September 2015: The Deal With Eclipse Season

September 13th announces a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Are you ready? However your entire month will be ‘charged’ with the electricity of eclipse season. You may be asking, what does this all really mean?

Eclipse Season is a sacred time of Year as the seeds of change will be ripe for flipping the script in your life. A Solar Eclipse is a rare cosmic event and that will help you set a new paradigm for the entire year to come – maybe much longer. Here on earth we can experience this eclipse as the universe’s way of making corrections - a true karmic expeditor.

When you get on the big tidal wave of this eclipse and join us in ceremony, you will likely find yourself in a completely new landscape by the end of eclipse season. Yeah, eclipse season is kind of a big deal. So let’s talk about the energy of this eclipse in Virgo and what it may mean for you.

This Solar Eclipse will turn all the lights on so get ready to see clearly and be seen. The area of your life that will be most affected by this Solar Eclipse will depend on your astrology sign. In our ceremony together, I will explain the meaning of this Solar Eclipse in Virgo. And then I have prepared to give you a special message for each zodiac sign as to where the eclipse is asking you to flip the script and where the lights must go on. The solar eclipse will often shine a bright blinding light in that area and will ask you to do a deep clean polish there. So say you don’t want change? Still eclipses have a way of working their magic aka flipping the script or pulling the rug out from underneath. I love it! The universe truly knows best.

The eclipse asks us to step into a life that is more aligned with our souls’ intention. Eclipses are masterful at cleaning house in your life, your work, your relationships, as they have a way of directly addressing what is not in harmony with your truth. 

*Best eclipse practices: get on board and ride the wave of eclipse season. Nothing will feel stable or set for a moment. Accept the challenge. Accept and make friends with the change. Even though eclipse season may feel like unruly winds sweeping through your home, there is a method to the apparent chaos and we ultimately will land in a space which feels like YES. Trust the current.

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