Workout for Your Astro Sign [Sakara: The S Life Mag]


Sure, we are all made from stardust, though very different kinds of it, as we are all a different sign of the zodiac with a totally different birth chart. Each zodiac sign is not only imbued with different personality characteristics, though also physical characteristics in as far as body type, body needs and specific practices that speak to your body. So here is a stellar work-out guide tailored for you and your Zodiac sign! Don’t forget to read for your rising sign too!


Bold and direct, bursting with energy

You love cardio and the most intense kinds like spin class and serious biking expeditions. Though some Aries will find their warrior needs met more so in martial arts and boxing.


Grounded, persevering, focused on long term results and endurance

The good old fashioned strength training is ideal for Taurus and to have a routine weekly schedule where you may establish good muscle memory. For endurance, try rowing as the repetitive motion will be meditative for you as well.


Versatile, inquisitive, quick

Take an approach that allows versatility and bursts of energy like Cross-Fit or circuit training with a groupRope trainings are hot and allow you to work your arms as well as core and whole body.


Emotionally expressive, sensitive, tenacious

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga have the flow and restoring, nurturing aspects you need after moving all those muscles. An extra long Sivasana or gong bath is always an added plus.


Creative, courageous, strong-willed and self-expressive

Dance Class, 5 Rhythms or Pole Class will give you that feeling of fun, freedom and pure expression while you tone up and sweat.


Meticulous, thoughtful, exacting in movements

Core Fusion, Pilates, and SLT focus on larger and smaller muscle groups that tone and sculpt your body into a lean balance.


Graceful, determined, focused

Barre workouts and ballet class give you that innate sense grace that you truly need to feel.


Deep and intense, trust-worthy, strategic

You want to feel intensity and ultimate transformation in your work-out so try interval training with varying speeds and inclines. For the more spiritually inclined Scorpio’s, Kundalini Yoga will offer inner and outer rejuvenation


Ambitious, broad-minded, adventurous

Hiking, rock climbing, roller-blading, and paddle boarding are a few favorites. Any outdoor sport where you get to physically cover new ground are best for our Olympian Sadge. For those cold winter days, try indoor tennis, or a combo of strength and cardio training.


Determined, strong work ethic, goal-oriented

P90x and Hot Yoga! Capricorns love anything super intense and sweaty that give you that feeling of serious hard work and accomplishment.


Innovative thinker, original, humanitarian spirit

Capoeira, Aerial Yoga, and Partner Yoga! Your best on a team and thrive when working when you get to use your natural ingenuity.


Empathic, flexible, deep feelings

Swimming, water workouts and yoga with a meditation practice can all give you that sense of calm and restorative quality that you crave after exerting yourself.


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