Eclipse Season - What it Means For You [S - Life Mag]


Welcome to Eclipse Season!
Here's What It Means For Your Sign

Eclipses are masterful at cleaning house in your life, your work, and your relationships, as they have a way of directly addressing what is not in harmony with your Truth. They are famous for pushing you out of ruts that you didn’t even know were ruts. Eclipse Season (the glow around September 2016) will act as a karmic expeditor. It is a sacred time of year where the Sun and the Moon join up in a rare alignment, one that marks a sudden shift in patterns.

This Pisces-Virgo Eclipse family is part of a larger 19-year cycle (Saros) and one that speaks to key moments of change. These Eclipses will light up certain areas of your astrological chart, arranging the foundations for your year to come and often much longer…



The Solar Eclipse ~ September 1, 2016

This eclipse will shine a bright spotlight on one theme in your life that is in need of a complete overhaul and it will assist to guide you on paving that path.


The Lunar Eclipse ~ September 16, 2016

This eclipse will point to the karmic seeds you have sown that are now ready to die off — the stories that you can release. 

Eclipses stand as the earth’s way of making corrections and resetting us to our soul’s intent. This precious time acts as a portal for you to transform your life in a profound and lasting way.



Here I’m going to break down what this solar and lunar eclipse will mean for your zodiac sign. Be sure to read for your rising sign, too! 

Aries: A vice or two may have to go out the window with this eclipse duo moving through health and body sectors of the chart. And this time there will be no turning back. Yes, Aries, you know what I’m talking about. You want the goal? Then flip your script on lifestyle and commit.


Taurus: The love zone of your chart will be lit up with this eclipse family. Yes you may get whisked away to a beautiful island — perhaps an engagement? Or maybe you and your sweetheart decide to have babies. Either way, it’s time to face your fears and uproot them at last.


Gemini: There comes a time to part with the foundations that have held you thus far — the old home, the old career story. It’s you that has outgrown these stories and this is a moment to be courageous and trust a new path that is developing rather quickly.


Cancer: Be real and speak your truth moon babe, because there is nothing worse than pastels ‘nice’ and ‘interesting’ and that’s what you get when you hold your real feels back. Though really, this eclipse family will swipe through your communications axis and you to stand up, stand out and share your message in a big way.


Leo: Is your mind on your money? Well solar one, your business is about to take off and you must negotiate your worth well this time. No more playing small. Eclipse out the old money story once and for all and make room for stability and abundance.


Virgo: A solar eclipse in Virgo acts as a total ‘reset button’ to remember who you are and step into a higher dimensional version of yourself. How can you be brighter, more dynamic, effective and radiant? You can get yourself out of the way — the fears, thoughts of criticism, and worry. Your service trumps your ‘story’.


Libra: You have been through some hard knocks these last 5 years and likely have met all sorts of lurking shadows. Let’s call it spiritual development for now and let’s also assume that you are now ready to graduate from being perpetual seeker / class-addict to becoming a luminous teacher. In order to, you will need to walk your talk even more so and release the old golden crutch — the safety net.


Scorpio: There is a topic that has captivated you for too long now and it is time to make a power move. By that, I mean seek out a group or class that also shares the same interest as you. It seems that you've known these folks for quite a while though you must make the effort to peer up from those sexy shades and connect.


Sagittarius: You have been working so hard all year and at last the Solar Eclipse shows a big break for you. It’s time to re-imagine your career and take that old dusty image off the shelf. Take time off so you can raise the roof on what is possible and imaginable for you before you get back to what will be a newly fortified career path.


Capricorn: The world of broadcasting, publishing and media will shine brilliantly for you so this is an ideal year to begin a website or perhaps an online business. Break from routine and travel or take classes to get inspired.


Aquarius: If you have had a bright idea in your pocket for far too long, this will be your stellar opportunity to meet the patrons as your financial axis is lit up. Money may come in large sums versus a weekly paycheck, and by the keen looks of Pluto’s angle, large companies will support your endeavors as well as those you may least expect so be ready to present weather it’s poolside or elevator.


Pisces: Total commitment is on the horizon for you this year and this may be in the form of a marriage partner or else meeting your perfect match for your dream team in biz. The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces points the fact that your needs are changing as you are shedding a skin so make sure you have a check-in with your partner about how you would like to move forward in this new type of commitment.