The Venus & Mars Love Story: Winter-Spring 2017

Whether you are single, coupled, or any other kind of interesting arrangement, the positions of Mars and Venus in the sky this season are unique and bound to wake us all up from any old slumber and regularity in relations. It is a waking up to your personal truth, your truth in love, and the stories that have become you. It is also a waking up to the stories of the feminine through history and stories of our earth.

So over the last few days, Venus (the planet of love and worth) has met with Chiron (the 'wounded healer') in the sky. Ouch! Are you ok? Much salt water has been poured on your relations and on the earths surface. Relationship wounds and calloused attitudes have been brought to the surface to heal and clear out. Damage against the earth has been brought to the surface as well. 

Chiron is the salt that wakes up and purifies the wound giving it an opportunity thaw out and ultimately heal. This aspect also happened on the day that the Dakota Pipeline (our earth) was unblocked after so many efforts to prevent harm. So now Venus is moving away from the wound and moving towards Mars in the sky. Chasing Mars is quite normal activity for Venus though. Up to this point Mars has been in Venus's turf (her exaltation sign), Pisces. And now Mars moves out of her turf and into the next sign which happens to be his home sign (Aries) and Venus continues to follow him on to this new, more unfamiliar terrain. Though now she has become a fighter (Feb. 3), taking on the qualities of Aries, recognizing the stark injustice that has been present for so long. Her last run-in with Chiron, Jan. 24 had brought both personal and political wounds of the feminie story to the surface. 

In the battle ground of Aries, Venus (the feminine) stands up for her rights, rejecting all that is not in alignment. So between Feb. 3 and April 2, Venus (the feminine in us all) and women in particular will be in a place of standing up for your rights on all fronts, both personally and politically. Though on March 4th (mid-way through her time on Mars's turf), Venus will make an about-face turn as she goes retrograde, at which point she stops chasing Mars and changes her approach on the field. This will be a powerful time for reflection and making the necessary changes in your life before continuing onwards

 It could be that what we have been chasing after may need a completely new approach - a new approach to fighting for our rights and a new approach to love and relationships all-together. Venus travels so far back, she even goes back to her exaltation sign of Pisces where will stay from April 2nd to April 28th. April is a key time as there is a power and restoration of the feminine and a newfound wisdom after the run-ins with Chiron and (almost) Mars. Mid-way through April, Venus turns to direct motion once again, restored by the familiar softness of Pisces, though now with more wisdom then ever under her belt.

We look around the world and on media as the same old struggles re-appear as if they had never really been addressed and healed prior. You may look at your personal love story to yourself or with your partner, and as well, it may be time to take a more clean and honest look at the attitudes that have become commonplace. The next 3 months will be well spent taking the pieces apart and cleaning through all parts of your life so that they can be put back together again in a new and whole order.