New Moon in Libra [Satya Blog]


The New Moon in Libra on Oct. 19th will bring an invitation to partner in business or love (depending on where your focus is now).  Uranus, the planet of freedom and surprise will oppose the new moon, bringing in a lightning speed unexpected twist in the story.

Having the rug pulled from beneath may seem like a total inconvenience, and it sure can be… Though sometimes we need that perfect wake-up call to reset and jump off the safe merry-go-round. Step into your edge of comfort and explore. There will be gems when you opt to let go of the safe routine.

The genius in this New Moon will be your power to unleash innovation and new creative possibility between you and another. Have trust in the unknown and remember if you don’t create your own world, someone else will. This is your time to imagine, dream, innovate and explore beyond what you see. You are the architect and creator of your world. Let’s welcome in this electric New Moon in Libra!

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