Eclipse Season Essentials

You must be feeling these Eclipses as they are soon approaching: A Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius August 7 and a Solar in Leo August 21. Perhaps the ground beneath you has already begun to move where things were once fixed or stable. Eclipse Season means that change is inevitable and once you that take a leap of courage, your previous reality will soon dissolve. If you hesitate and hold fast to the past, the rug will be pulled from beneath anyway. So change is a non-negotiable and usually a good thing during this time of year...

It is the eclipse's re-alignment of Sun and Moon that represent your personal re-alignment of body and soul. They appear every 6 month to reel us in to a re-connection with who we are, what we have done, and then they deliver an appropriate challenge. One thing for sure is that 'eclipses expedite evolution'. They speed up the soul’s Karmic path and shine a bright light on parts of us that may have veered far from center. The path back to center can often be jolting depending on how far you have gone. Eclipse medicine is at its height in August, though will ripple through your life for the entire year to come. If you know your chart, look to the Leo and Aquarius houses of your chart to see where these shifts may take place in your life. Either way, here are a few useful tips for navigating this eclipse season:

  • Leave tons of empty slots on your calendar in August because you will need it. Space and time to process will be essential so that you can release what is no longer essential and also seize new opportunity.

  • Make observations, listen well, and take note. Likely you can expect a re-emergence of a theme from 18 years ago. Now you will have an opportunity to approach it in a more conscious way with added wisdom under your belt.

  • Trust and leap across the chasm. Let a layer of skin shed away; it may be something that once gave you security like an old job, a home, a relationship, or perhaps even a habit, or way of seeing yourself.


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