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New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo will arrive on September 20 and invites you to focus on your unique super power. Own it. Then begin to clear out all of the things from your life that pull you away from that. Strategize, scale and make your life more efficient so you can simply do what you do best. This lovely Virgo New Moon will bring a much needed cosmic clean-up team to our personal health and workflow.

The opposition it makes to the asteroid Chiron can help to heal wounds around patterns of work and commitment. Chiron indicates the need to heal your body and allow your body to rest and physically adjust to all of the mental, emotional and spiritual shifts you may have recently been through. It may be time to leave one paradigm of doing business in favor of what actually is a better expression of you.

The best time to kick-start your new health routine and work flow would be within the 5 days after this New Moon. It will be a time to release unhealthy patterns of body and mind so that you can serve with purity of purpose. Let’s welcome in Virgo Season!

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Rebecca Gordon is a celebrated and world-renowned astrologer, founder of the My Path Astrology School, author, and resident horoscope columnist at Harper’s Bazaar. From bringing astrology to your health on The Dr. Oz Show to writing books, and giving consultations, Rebecca engages a range of audiences on the natural cycles and how to incorporate them for a more graceful, enriched and meaningful existence. Known as New York’s #1 lifestyle astrologer, Rebecca has a penchant for both science and spirit, merging the two with an unmistakable accuracy, passion, and the grounded wisdom of a Virgo.  Her newly released astrology book co-authored by Stephanie Marango MD titled ‘Your Body and the Stars’, features the intersection between health, the body and astrology. When she is not translating the stars, Rebecca loves to dance, practice Kundalini Yoga, travel without a map and play the cello!

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