4 Tips to Wake Up Your Inner Virgo

Annnd the Virgo Season begins!

Here’s 4 tips to amplify your inner Virgo to slay this next 30 days ⚡️ Our queen of the harvest will adore you:

1. Finally commit to the morning practice and workout that’s been oh so elusive all Leo season. Virgo will support you on all health matters and routine discipline. 

2. Virgo asks you to be flexible as it's a mutable sign. It’s time to change the plan and simply do what WORKS. No need to stay with old work strategies that don’t bear fruit. Eliminate or repurpose what’s not giving you abundant harvest.

3. After that thorough audit of all your biz practices, turn the volume way up on what’s giving you an abundant harvest.

4. Virgo teaches us to adore the body as our vessel. Carve out time out to be with yourself, to meditate, contemplate, and take super good care of your body. Detox masks, salt baths, dry brushes, sleep is queen.

I’ve been in California most of the Leo season playing with old & new friends and now hitting the NYC pavement for the first time today. Feels good to be back on Sullivan Street and love seeing all my neighbors again. Carmel, Big Sur + Marin were 💯 rejuvenating.... though I’m a true New Yorker + uber Virgo so definitely most at home back at my desk here in NYC - getting ready to launch Medical Astrology class tonight and meet the new astrology students!

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