Medical Astrology Class Sign-up Opens

Sign up closes August 16th - Click here for more info

Medical Mantras for each sign. Choose a mantra to practice that is your own sign, your rising or Mars. Also you may like to focus on a Mantra that you feel called to. 

Aries - the head- my ability to pioneer, start fresh and break new ground. I am assertive. I am courage. I assert myself with an active awareness.


I am my neck, Taurus – my steadiness in moving through life, enjoying the sounds, colors, and textures along the way. I transcend the material by exalting the sensual world.


I am my arms and hands, Gemini – my ability to connect to the world and serve as a messenger of the illumined mind. I communicate and disseminate wisdom.


I am my chest and breast, Cancer – my ability to give life, to nurture and to receive love. I initiate the cycle of giving and receiving


I am my heart and back, Leo – I radiate the light within and shine with generosity. I am a star, the Sun. I am love and give light to the world.


I am my abdomen, Virgo – I serve with a purity of purpose. I cleanse my body and mind so that I may serve with truth and purpose.


I am my lower back, Libra – I balance the scales of truth with grace. I am truth and I am grace. I am the steady fulcrum that balances all colors on the spectrum of life.


I am my reproductive organ and the sacral center, Scorpio – I create and then let go. I die, transform and soar to new heights. I trust the process of letting go and starting again. I regenerate. I am resilient.


I am my hips and thighs, Sagittarius – I am an explorer in life. I am free to believe and share my experience of this world. My hips are the mid-point as I direct my lower nature with higher aspiration.


I am my knees, Capricorn – I act responsibly for the greater good. I am setting sights high and taking the necessary steps to achieve.  I take on responsibility because I see and trust the end goal.


I am my ankles, Aquarius – I stand for individuality and my ankles support. I awaken the potential of a new age. In community support each other to stand stronger.


I am my feet, Pisces – the part of me that relates to the all of me. I integrate spirit into matter. I am an open receiver to life, feeling my way through life with awareness of the connectivity between all things.


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