Hey Cappy, looks like you are 100% revamping your life this year. As 2019 kicks off with a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn you can think back to what was going on 18/19 years ago as these themes will be back.
Though now your of course, you’re much wiser, cooler & have the edge now with power Pluto and Saturn in your sign. This all means you have a lot of responsibility upon you. I mean, what’s new. Though this time it’s on your terms for a change versus you doing everything for everyone else. Think long term now, as you are establishing your vision & foundation for your future this winter and spring.
By July, your partner sign Cancer gets an eclipse - waking up ideas of marriage, perhaps a renewal or even an end that would lead to a new beginning in love. 
This may be a significant business partnership as well. Things can take a while to set up, though that is because there is Something more meaningful at work. Trust the path.
Your intuition and guides will speak to you clearly in 2019 as Jupiter spends time on the most hidden zone of your chart. Meditation will deliver messages. Listen up. So much love to you and a magnificent year to come!

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