Full Moon in Aquarius - A Collective Dream


In the heat of this fiery summer sky, there is a Full Moon in the cool air sign of Aquarius (the opposite of Leo) which will ask you to draw your attention to the collective you are a part of and to act in the best interest of it. With Jupiter in Sagittarius and half the Solar System in Leo, the signature of this summer is absolutely creative, adventurous, and festive. Excellent for the creation of art, love, and travel.

So the midst of this festive and fiery sky, the Full Moon will ask you to notice your role within the greater whole. Get a broader perspective and ask yourself: what does this situation need of me and how I can be of service for the greater good here? This may mean politically, socially, in work, or simply for your closest relationships with family and friends. By drawing your attention outside of your individual needs, you will find the greatest fulfillment right now. 

This Aquarian Full Moon will illuminate the skies with the light and power of a collective dream. See yourself as a part of an organism, a part of an eco-system, and act in alignment with this collective vision. As the Moon opposes Mars, it will be key to find common ground and work together although there will be external differences. Collaboration and working towards a shared vision will also be key. This may be a good time to discuss what your greater visions and see where they will blend.

Wishing you a beautiful Full Moon.