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A Full Moon in Libra will reach its peak on Friday morning, culminating a chapter of your life and making way for a fresh start.

Find out what it will mean for your sign below:


This Full Moon opposing Aries marks a time to break free from relationship patterns so both of you can live more freely.


Let go of the health routines which slow you down and make space for a more supportive lifestyle for your optimal mind-body functioning.


Love will be revealed. Though it will be up to you to let fear go as Saturn and Pluto make a square to this Full Moon.


Family meetings will hold great importance and you will have the opportunity to amend a disagreement facing any challenges head on.


A calm mindset will be key in how you respond to what seems to be 'the new normal'. Maintain a graceful and compassionate approach as this is a lesson in communication.


There will be an important financial decision to make about how you choose to proceed - with fear or courage. You know the answer.


Be very clear as to what you choose to let into your life - just because a pattern has been longstanding does not mean it must endure. The word 'Unacceptable' will be your friend and create freedom.


This Full Moon marks a clear break-through in your subconscious patterns. Allow yourself to break from limiting beliefs that no longer have a place. 


Take time to connect to friends - both old and new as their perspective will be so vital and refreshing. You will get true clarity on matters of love and direction as they will remind you of your true essence.


The hard work finally pays off as this Full Moon will highlight the fame and honors sector of your chart. Take in the harvest and plan ahead.


It's graduation time. You have taken the classes, lived your life and garnered such vital wisdom through it all. Now take off the training wheels and fly.


You are in a position to finally draw the line as to what you will stand for and what you believe in. As this Full Moon squares to Saturn, lay down the law and reclaim your freedom.