Libra Season with Venus Rx


This has not been the easiest Libra Season so I have neglected to post anything fluffy or lovey. Ok, do I ever. Well especially because Venus has been in retrograde in the dungeons of Scorpio. This is an absolute reset button for your approach to love and money. Take time to fully reset and recharge as we have till mid-November with the Rx. Time to slow the roll and rethink your approach, thaw out on the lessons and see the shadows babe.

You may have been neglecting yourself in your relationship. You may have been neglecting your own well-being in matters of work and money. Libra teaches us to balance the self with needs of the other. If you cannot find the balance within, your outer world will always feel lopsided.

Note: A persons Zodiac sign does not mean they are a master of that faculty ie: Libra's have not mastered balance. Virgo's have not mastered organization etc. We are all here in earth school learning the profound lessons of our zodiac sign.

Your lower back and #kidneys are ruled by Libra and their condition is often a barometer on how we are balancing our lives. ie: when you bend over backwards too much for everyone else, you will have low back pain and your kidneys will be depleted. Our minds and emotions are that tied into our bodies.

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