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Tonight and the days surrounding will represent an end to the story of the last 2 years for you. For that much time, eclipses had moved through the axis of Leo & Aquarius axis in your chart expediting the evolution in a certain area of your life. Take a min. and consider where it’s been affecting you most. Though tonight is a lunar eclipse and Lunar Eclipses are always about endings where the door must close and not be opened again. It’s the end of a longtime pattern. This is a time of releasing - tonight’s eclipse holds the power of a full moon X 10.

It’s time to gather your lessons from that story and move forward now with clarity, open eyes and grace. Now you have a lot more wisdom under your belt. So it’s time to apply that for this next year.

Leo symbolizes our ego identity so likely there is an old part of your identity that you can safely say good riddance to and with that you will feel a much lighter load for 2019. You will also find it easier to end patterns today and never go back to them.

See below what this Lunar Eclipse is helping you to release. It is where you set fire to the old crops and celebrate in the ashes. You are creating space right now for beautiful new growth

Tonight is an ideal time to meditate, create an altar, create emptiness and so the new will have space to flourish. See where this Lunar Eclipse affects your Sun and Rising sign below and combine the 2 together for:

ARIES - your perception of love, your relationship

TAURUS - Home, real estate, your connection to family 

GEMINI - A way of communicating, release patterns so your truth can be heard

CANCER - Old ideas of self-worth, an old financial story

LEO - Shed that skin as the Eclipse is most potent in your sign. This is an absolute reset for you. Let go of all parts of self that are not in line with your most radiant self.

VIRGO - Subconscious patterns that could be in the way of a fuller expression of self

LIBRA - People that are low vibe, groups and voices that do not help

SCORPIO - Professional roles that are too small for you. It's time to break out and through that ceiling

SAGITTARIUS - Graduation time. Release those training wheels and see the teacher within

CAPRICORN - Letting go of control over something you have created, maybe to sell, or to share, to connect with another. Begin to trust.

AQUARIUS - Relationships that are not in your highest good, you will have an opportunity to clear space and renew

PISCES - Getting clear on and releasing the health issue that has been holding thing back all year. Be open to new solutions.

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