Let’s welcome in this juicy New Moon - who just happens to be adored between amorous Venus and Mars in the sky. It’s time to dry off by the fire after those eclipses and mercury Rx. You are now peering into a new chapter that has absolutely nothing to do with your last 3 months.

Areas to focus on will be: your divine creativity, having lots more fun, breaking your rules, laughing and loving more. So this is what happens when Mars and Venus surround the moon and Jupiter sends over a beam of luck for travels.

It’s your time to play and let down that mane. Leo is a fiery sign pulsing with raw life force and it favors being in the moment versus online. This Leo season will deliver wild dance parties, love, romance, luxuriating, live music, couture, and the color gold. Perhaps you finally get inspired to write that book after months of standstill. The gates are opening.


Focus on the life giving power of our star, the radiant Sun. Consider how it uniquely shines through you - animating your body with spirit. What does light wish to create through the vessel of you? And will you allow this creative process to flow through? How does it look? Now is a time to open up your Heart so that you may shine this full radiant expression of your light. See the wisdom of our star, the sun expressing itself through you. You are a star. You are a sun.

Let’s welcome in Leo Season.