This new moon is in the watery sign of Pisces will help to soften the edges and smooth out any challenges in your relationships. Because Mercury will be Retrograde, there could be a situation from the past calling your attention to clear the way for your future. While the New Moon is surrounded by Saturn, Pluto and Mars in earth signs, you can focus on having a strong spine and strong back so that you may open your heart even more. You will be supported.

While dreamy Neptune travels next to this new Moon, the veils will be thinned, so trust your intuition on this matter. This week will be an ideal time for hypnosis, sound healing, deep connections, or any sort of creative project to explore. Find out what this will mean for your sign below: 


Aries Deepen your spiritual practice and take more time for you. 

Taurus Open up to a cause that you support and or connect with the people you truly align with in values. 

Gemini Come back to the mission statement in your work. You will have support with this vision in 2019.

Cancer Travel or explore a new field of study. You will have the support you need.

Leo Reflect on your relationship to finances. It’s time to see yourself in a new light & break open the old ceiling.

Virgo A partnership seems to be emerging. Open to this and trust as Saturn & Pluto give it grounding. 

Libra Your body is need of a new routine. Focus on health and bring more beauty into your life. 

Scorpio Open your heart to love and divine creativity. Also a time of heightened fertility.

Sagittarius The home and family sector of your chart is lit up so it is a time to build and bridges and reconnect. 

Capricorn Time to begin an important conversation regarding a relationship or project from your past. 

Aquarius Your talent is now ready to reach the world on a greater scale. Share your gifts and branch out. 

Pisces Once a year a new moon lights up your sign. This one shows a true rebirth. You are ready to shine in all your glory and shed layers that previously held you back. A stellar year awaits you.