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The Rebecca Gordon Astrology School far exceeded my expectations in terms of the depth of the material and amount covered even in the beginner’s semester. Rebecca guided us much further than what I would consider a beginner-level.
— Rebekah M.
Wow! Probably the most informative course I’ve ever taken. Rebecca has a way of transmuting the collected wisdom of the planets and stars into our own tangible consciousness. And this comes from more than the years of experience she has had. Rebecca invites her students to be fully themselves and bring their true essence in the astrological practice. If you’re looking to have a deep understand of astrology and the ability to be the catalyst for transforming lives, this is the class for you.
— John Thurmond
Rebecca is an incredible teacher, and like all great teachers, she will change the way you see the world. Rebecca brilliantly and compassionately weaves together the planetary and the personal, opening your eyes to all the archetypal energies buzzing through us all. Not only have I found a new passion in Astrology, but I have become much more open to myself and others in the process.
— Jennifer Matthews
Rebecca is the best! One feels drawn to be in her presence in hopes of absorbing even a little bit of the vast knowledge she has accumulated from years of in depth study on this magical topic. Her enthusiasm, eloquent manner, and humanistic approach make her a unique vessel for translating astrologic messages into tangible information that can be used in the here and now. I have had a reading, taken her beginner and intermediate courses, and will be privately mentoring through the summer. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Courtney O.
Rebecca’s sessions have been amazing for my business growth. She is able to pinpoint powerful times for marketing and promotion so I can organize my marketing calendar and release of new products around the most auspicious times to do so. Her accuracy regarding when sales are high or when they may be slow has been tremendous help to planning cash flow. She has helped me plan days of signing new leases, beginning construction and even publishing books! Understanding how to time my business with the timing of the stars has led to such an easeful flow of prosperity. I’m so grateful for her!!
— Alyssa Snow, Founder of Mind Body Soul Yoga
I’ve been to many astrologers in my day and Rebecca is, hands down, the best. An astrology reading can be a lot of information. Rebecca communicates this information in a way that is relatable, useful and actionable. An astrology session with her feels like a healing. You come away with clarity and a feeling of peace knowing things are exactly as they are supposed to be.

I’ve also had the pleasure of attending a few of Rebecca’s workshops - which are always well attended and chock full of information. She is the best of the best. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Alyssa Snow, Owner, Mind Body Soul Yoga
I got a reading from Rebecca at a really difficult time in my life: it seemed like nothing I used to do or be was working anymore. I was actively rooting out old patterns and searching for clues towards more authentic living. The reading really helped me to see the bigger picture, to understand that there was nothing “wrong” with what I was going through, that in fact it was a gift from universe and a great opportunity, if I used this energy for what it was: a total transformation of my unconscious expectations of reality (Pluto transiting my Moon) and rebirth of a new, stronger and more soulful way of life. Now, years later, I still remember some of the beautiful and empowering advice Rebecca gave me, and I can say that it was all “spot on”:). I highly recommend a reading from Rebecca - you will learn so much about yourself and the cycles of your life, all of it in a very practical and relatable way, so you can put it to immediate use in your everyday life.
— Katrin Haiba, Professional Astrologer
Rebecca work is magnificent! Her words, detail oriented, the way she describe things is super precise with everything and her readings are mind blowing. I recommended her to many of my friends.
— Abigail Karina D., Musician, Sound Healer
The retreat was deep enough, especially considering it was a beginners level. It was also beautiful and flew smoothly.
— Sam T., United Nations Representative
Rebecca is fun and exciting. She is a fun reader. There are a lot of readers out there and a lot of different styles. Rebecca’s the one you want to go to if you want someone who is serious but who can make the serious elements of your life fun. She will encourage you.
— Adam Elenbaas, Professional Astrologer
Rebecca is a deeply curious, dedicated and insightful astrologer who offers a fresh, modern perspective on the ancient science of astrology.
— Kari Erickson, CEO
The retreat was deep enough, especially considering it was a beginners level. It was also beautiful and flew smoothly.
— Sam T., United Nations Representative
Rebecca brought so much energy and expertise to our event! We had a corporate group of 20 people, and she managed to instruct us as a group to learn and practice reading charts together while giving everyone individual attention. This is such a fun, interesting activity for a corporate environment. Rebecca was able to ground almost everything we did in the relationships our team cultivates to help our business (versus veering into the super personal). The biggest takeaway is self-awareness and growth so believers and skeptics alike walked away with a positive experience. Highly recommend working with her if you get the chance!
— Rebecca Conrad, Vayner Media
I highly recommend Rebecca’s astrology classes which will surely expand your understanding of the ancient art & science. I have taken both her introductory and intermediate course and have learned so much from her classes which have provided a wealth of information in an engaging, fun and spirited atmosphere. Rebecca’s a wonderful leader to guide you through the fascinating discovery of the cosmos through the transformative world of astrology. Her poetic approach to teaching astrology gives it context which allows you to uncover valuable gems of information and easily apply it to your daily life.
— Jalina Stewart
Whether it’s a personal reading, taking an astrology class, or spending time on a retreat with Rebecca Gordon, you will be forever transformed and see your life through a different lens. Rebecca is a gifted and highly engaging teacher who guides you through understanding astrology with grace and ease. That understanding in turn leads to greater compassion for yourself and others. Rebecca is also a wonderful connector and I’m grateful for such beautiful friendships and inspiring students I have met through studying with Rebecca Gordon over the years.
— Jamie Watkins, Assistant Principal for NYC Board of Education
My reading with Rebecca completely changed my view on astrology and gave me a clear road map for the year ahead.
Rebecca is a warm and engaging teacher. She opened up my eyes to all the possibility in my natal chart. Connecting with her has been so transforming for me. I will never be the same - in a really good way.
— Veronica Winsch
Rebecca helped me through a really difficult time in my life. Her reading was so insightful and let me know that I was on the right path, that what I was going through was temporary and learning about my chart was exactly the boost I needed to trust myself and feel safe and supported. I felt more relaxed and confident knowing that I was moving through something and into the next phase of my life. We covered all aspects of my birth chart and it was incredible to have my own essence reflected back to me. I would say it has strengthened my inner knowing. She has also been a great resource to my family and helped both of my sisters gain clarity and confidence. Many thanks Rebecca!
— Erika Spring, Au Revoir Simone singer
Rebecca is a skilled and gifted astrologer who has provided excellent guidance for me regarding career, relationships, and personal development. She uses her knowledge and gifted intuition to open new doors of self awareness and clarity. I highly recommend her services, especially if you find yourself at crossroads of indecision, or would like a better understanding of your life path. She is professional as well as warm, witty and genuinely compassionate.
— Kristi O’Sullivan, Interior Designer
Rebecca is truly gifted at what she does. Some of the insights from her readings stay with me for years. My friends and I have done readings with her for the past 7 or 8 years and we keep going back to her for more!
— Christine Yang, Project Manager
Rebecca is knowledgeable, intuitive, and gifted. Her readings go full-circle beyond astrology into metaphysical and ground into earthly-world. This was tremendously healing. She the only person I know who can deliver the information in a way that is multi-faceted, elegant and meaningful.
— Rachel Paletsky, Radio Show Host
I have taken two full courses and countless workshops and private sessions with Rebecca. She is undoubtedly a master of her craft and a true mentor for her students. I live in gratitude to her for the rich knowledge she has equipped me in understanding myself and in helping others learn about themselves through astrology.
— Morgan Rappaport, Medical Research
I am so glad I was here, the class was super! Informative, playful, and deep. Looking forward to taking the intermediate class.
— Renée Rotkopf, Hypnotherapist
Rebecca,Thank you for knowing your strength and power. I appreciate how you use it to open the minds and hearts of those you touch. I admit I rarely ignite my intuition when I experience fear. I was so afraid of your power and You gently helped me recognize and accept how to receive and embrace all of our energies and strength. I look forward to working with you and connecting in the future. I am inspired to let the Sun shine within and keep it burning for us all. Our light is important. Thank you for shining and reminding me to shine as well.
— Kai, Kripalu Retreat Attendee
Rebecca Gordon is an incredible astrologer with a wealth of knowledge and a high level of integrity. She’s very thorough, genuine, honest and real. I had an amazing time as student in her school and working with her as a mentee. She helped me redefine how I saw, worked with and applied sun sign astrology to my life and my practice. Simply put, I love Rebecca. She’s a beautiful woman and a fabulous teacher who I wholeheartedly recommend.
— Jennifer Racioppi
“As above so below, as within so without” means that the macrocosm of the galactic space above ultimately reflects the microcosm of life on the terrestrial Earth below. Rebecca Gordon will truly open your eyes and mind to what you ‘see’ above, so you that you will understand what is happening below. It is a one of a kind experience that will enhance and enrich anyone’s life!
— Ramsey El-Taieb
I met Rebecca years ago at a workshop she was teaching. I was immediately drawn to the lightness and life that she brings to the ancient art of astrology - she makes it so accessible and fun, without sacrificing any of its depth and life-changing potential. It’s been such a joy to be in her astrology school. I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of myself, and seen how we are all “wired” really differently, based on studies of natal charts. This has helped me to be much more patient and understanding with my friends and family ;) And, the class really feels like a true spiritual community: supportive, intimate and inspiring. I will miss our weekly gatherings!
— Peter Poljan, Real Estate Agent
Rebecca helped me become a professional astrologer. I have a successful business both in the US and internationally. I couldn’t have done that without her. She is encouraging. She believes that there is enough room in the astrology world for young astrologers. She will believe in you. She will become your advocate by becoming your friend.
— Adam Elenbaas, Professional Astrologer
Rebecca is that rare combination of incredibly visionary, intuitive insight grounded in pragmatic advice that is relevant, timely and empowering. There are many astrologers to choose from; Rebecca is the real deal. I highly recommend her coaching and expertise to help you navigate your life journey.
— Kristie Zahn, Talk Show Host
I very much enjoyed catching up with Rebecca every month for an entire year. By discussing the outlook of the month ahead, I was provided with a roadmap of potentialities (good and bad) which helped me focus my attention on my own attitudes and experiences. This helped me in my day to day dealings. I managed to introduce Rebecca’s positive interpretations in my own way of seeing things and I think that Rebecca’s insights on life coupled with her talent in astrology create a perfect mix of philosophy and life potentialities that I enjoyed contemplating.
— David Sarfas
Astrology was an ancient form of medicine, which Rebecca now brings to life for modern times. She is a true master of her craft and, in reading the alignment of stars upon your birth, Rebecca reminds you of your healthiest alignment of body, mind & spirit...and empowers you to live it!
— Stephanie P. Marango, MD, RYT, Sacred Body Institute
I’ve consulted with many astrologists over the years, and so I say this with absolute certainty - Rebecca Gordon is, bar none, my favorite. Anyone could commit to a rigorous course of study in astrology and walk away with a commendable skill set, but it’s a rare bird that is also able to bring that elusive element of magic to the reading table. Rebecca’s talent for gleaming insight from a chart is inspiring and, at times, down-right uncanny, and the sensitivity with which she communicates what she sees is the hallmark of a person who authentically cares about her clients. Rebecca’s love of astrology is palpable, so much so that it is contagious! After each consultation, I inevitably walk away with a greater sense of wonder, so much so that the old adage of “make a wish upon a star” is as relevant to me now as it was when I was a kid.
— Michael M., Lawyer
The class really feels like a true spiritual community: supportive, intimate and inspiring. I will miss our weekly gatherings!
— Eric Vannin, President of Fragrance Company
Rebecca is top notch for luxury brand events whether she is giving astrology readings, numerology or a talk on the year ahead. Our guests always give rave reviews.
— Nancy C., PR Rep
I remember all those years ago when I had prayed/asked for a new group of like-minded friends and that’s exactly when I started studying with Rebecca. She is a wonderful connector and I’m grateful for such beautiful friendships and inspiring students I have met through studying with My Path Astrology over the years.
— Jamie Watkins, Assistant Principle for NYC Board of Education
The wisdom and positive energy from both Rebecca and Stephanie made it possible for our group to transcend to a place that I will remember for my whole life. I will cherish this experience, these people, and who they helped me become.
— Kate Hemmis, Kripalu Retreat Attendee
Rebecca Gordon is an amazing astrologer! She is the real deal. I am still blown away by the accuracy and clarity of Rebecca’s reading of my natal chart. I have also delved, on my own, into the significance of signs, elements, houses, aspects and planets over the past 20 years. However, I have never experienced such an illuminating and precise reading as I did with Rebecca. She guided me through each important aspect of my chart and everything resonated, not just in terms of recognizing my own life in the chart but also filling me with a sense of hope and awe for the insights of astrology.

Rebecca has a beautiful ability to communicate astrological information in real world examples and creative metaphors in ways that connect. She also managed to share a lot of information with me with masterful efficiency, all the while allowing our session to unfold as a conversation so that I could connect and ground her insights through my own process. She has a true desire for her clients to get the most out of each session.
I still feel elated after our session and cannot wait to continue working with Rebecca. I highly recommend her to anyone who desires to gain real insight and guidance from their astrological charts.
— Catherine C., Film Maker
The dynamics of two distinct trainers, a give-and-take of lecture, questions, and practice, and the gentle unrushed flow of information from day to day was just incredible. It was effortless to maintain my attention and curiosity throughout the six days. I feel smarter, encouraged, and inspired moving forward into my life with this new perspective!
— Vickie Wacek, Opera Singer
Loved the subject matter. The outer planets have been elusive for me and this workshop made them personal. The interactive components are great support for understanding the material.
— Kat, Kripalu Retreat attendee
What I remember most about Rebecca’s reading is feeling like she was opening me up like a unique story book, filled with special surprises. I’ve had readings before that I really enjoyed but that was the first time anyone made me feel like that.
— Renee Rotkopf, Hypnotherapist, Coach
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