Lights on in Pisces

Lights on - Full Moon in Pisces

Why do people (ok well People we know) always say ‘Happy Full Moon’??

I mean c’mon MOST full moons are far from happy. Though ok... this one is pretty darn good as they come. Our Pisces Full Moon will support you in divorcing any roles where you were playing a victim or not 100% in your most empowered state (love, work, social, media, etc.). The word “unacceptable” is your best friend right now. Use it well.

Cause when you say that word, you are no longer using your energy to “endure.” And, therefore, you are creating a lot more space for magic in your life!.

I actually LOVE this full moon cause it’s about change being easy. Fluid. Smooth as it illuminates the water trine with Neptune and abundant Jupiter. You will be well supported now to shift gears and change the tune. 

What tune do you wish to dance to? Make music, make magic. Pisces connects you to ritual, art, and the sacred spaces where new realities will be seeded.

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