Mars Direct

Mars Direct babe ⚡️its all forward motion from here on out.

And the Summer of retrograde planets finally comes to a close #sigh.

Were you trying to actually get work done this summer or just get anything done?.

⚡️Oh I’m really sorry to hear. .

It was painful... with both Mars & Mercury retrograde. The speeds available were ‘slow’ & ‘stop’. 

⚡️Best scenario- you did some of that good ole REflexion and course correct .

⚡️Even better scenario: You chose to follow suit and work WITH THE COSMIC CYCLES. And that would mean to go on vacation / keep the work schedule super light / no new launches.

Being an astrologer , I try to plan my time off and vacations when there’s a lot of Rx in the sky. And thankfully my amazing  team sees things the same way so we take off & go real slow during these times. I could not recommend it more.

These Rx times are only so challenging when you are working against the cosmic cycles. #asabovesobelow

Here’s a few Rx tips so it won’t be so brutal next time. .

 1. Stop trying to get answers on your: relationship status or work proposals or anything for that matter. They will be wrong answers anyway. Seriously.  2. Spend time in nature / retreat  3. Spend time with old friends  4. Rethink your MO in work to re-align with your core values  5. Reflect on your relationship(s) and choose a new approach.

That’s it my love! Now go rock this Mars Direct and be the magnificent, stellar being you are! The force is now with you. .



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