And this actually is a ‘Happy Full Moon’! Yes, after a very challenging week in the skies with Mars oppose Saturn, we end on a high note as this Full Moon will urge you to open up new roads in your life, untapped potential and opportunity. A lucky Full Moon will light up the skies tonight in Sagittarius, poised next to abundant Jupiter.  Read below to see how this Full Moon will open new roads for you.

Also note that Mercury will soon go retrograde on July 8 so best to finish up any important matters in June or else wait until August to begin. Also with Jupiter in square to Neptune this week, make sure you do not overlook important details and take extra care on the roads, in meetings and in all conversations.


Full Moon for Your Sign

#aries – publish, produce and open new roads to share your message with the world

#taurus – grants, loans, and new financial strategies will appear when you ask the right questions

#gemini – your relationship is something to celebrate, and consider opening to the next chapter

#cancer – opportunity to find breakthrough  healing to what may have been a longstanding health issue

#leo – true love will be revealed, a time to enjoy life and see where new growth can develop in romance

#virgo – an ideal time to celebrate with family and build new bridges of connection

#libra – perfect time to finalize an agreement or contract, even though last week was challenging

#scorpio – financial discussions will go well with the auspices of Jupiter and the Moon on your side

#sagittarius – A full Moon in Sagittarius will urge you to stand up, stand out and onto a larger platform

#capricorn – releasing old patterns of relating. A time for personal breakthrough and freedom

#aquarius – enjoy the time with friends and like-minded people, bonds will be formed

#pisces – a stage of completion and acknowledgement in your career path. Time to explore new roads.