First of all, any New Moon in Gemini is a time for us all to focus on the power of our words - both spoken and written. As Gemini rules communication, refine your message and how you communicate it to the world. This Gemini Moon sings a different tune than most, as it sets large expectations with an opposition to Jupiter. You will have to make sure you are not over-promising and as well fact check whatever you may be hearing as its the ole 'things may appear larger...' will apply. And the square to Neptune seems to fog the lens a bit more. Take time to measure whats possible and get as much clarity as you can before moving ahead.

All that put aside, lets get out there and live our lives - the cosmos should never be a source of fear, though rather like looking at the weather forecast. So in other words, it is a fabulous month to write, speak, and share your words with the world. Just be mindful that people will tend to over-promise and so may you. Words can also spill out over the top and people may say things they should not have or simply have said too much. With Jupiter expanding upon the role of Gemini, it will be helpful to meditate on the message and desired result before speaking. It is so easy to text, perhaps too easy, (and Gemini rules the phones and email) so make sure you are intentional and clear with your end goal when you begin the conversation.

This new Moon will open up a new frontier to blaze, so read below to find out what it will mean for your sign with the nature of this new moon in mind:


Aries - new contracts & agreements
Taurus - business development, financial growth
Gemini - a personal image makeover, new you
Cancer - a mental health break is needed, take time
Leo - collaborations will shine brightly
Virgo - align with mission and step up
Libra - publishing, broadcasting, teaching
Scorpio - a deeper commitment is necessary
Sagittarius - an exciting partnership will develop (business / love)
Capricorn - begin a new health regimen and find out what your body needs
Aquarius - love will grow, a fertile and creative month
Pisces - explore new conversations with family