3 times a year Mercury goes Rx and this is a good thing. Here’s why... It’s like the universe telling us to slow down and RETHINK your life direction before charging ahead. This is key as it will keep you in alignment with your truth & soul intent. So here’s my list ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
💫Avoid signing on to a new job or assignment if you can wait. It’s just that the responsibilities you sign up for under the Rx may well change down the road. Instead get back in touch with what really motivates you.💫Avoid buying plane tickets and making travel plans. Plans may well change during the Rx. Instead take time away that involves little or no planning like a weekend upstate in nature to recharge. 💫Not an ideal time to purchase major appliances or any electronics. Instead back up all technology before and make any major replacements after the Rx. 💫No signing a new lease or finding tenants. Things may not turn out to be as they appear. Instead go through old household items to say goodbye to or re-sell. 💫Do not commit to anything that can otherwise wait. Postpone any major life decisions and contracts. It’s just that we change our minds most often post Rx. Instead clean your home, your desk top, rest up, and reconnect with people from your past.
🙏Enjoy this time as it is precious. Thank you Mercury for reminding us to pause and reflect on all these creations 🙏

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