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It's time for a real fresh start. This New Moon is full of pure life-force energy asking you to stand in your power. When you are in your power you have turned on the lights - aware of the dark and light forces that always dance together. A Scorpio New Moon will ask you to venture deeper into your depths and turn on the lights there. It is your choice of how much you may like to see though there is no better time then the present for this journey. The message is to dive in fearlessly to what has your calling right now - be it love, a spiritual course of study, or a new career direction that is now emerging. There are always treasures at the bottom of the ocean when the sign of Scorpio is near, though you must immerse yourself deeply into this and face all shadows along the way.

You will be supported by the likes of power Pluto and transcendent Neptune as you move through the month. Face the shadows, integrate them and rise above with courage. Allow the current of this New Moon to work through you and help guide the path. You will be supported on this journey.