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Ruby Warrington founder of THE NUMINOUS with Rebecca Gordon

In a nutshell, what’s the best thing about joining an online astrology course?

When I was trying to learn astrology, I could not find a community. And very quickly I realized that you can read a lot of books, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to your ability to really work with astrology in the physical world. You really need people to practice on, and so you need a community of astrology students to converse with. It’s actually by living the aspects that you really learn how astrology works. For the class, we will also be meeting in person for New Yorkers and the students on-line will pair with other students on-line for some of the assignments.

Who is it for? 

A lot of students that have graduated have become professional astrologers, but for a lot of people it’s for own their journey and self-realization, as well as an understanding of the natural cycles of the world. Astrology, once you understand fully how to work with it, can give you an entirely new outlook on your life, and an entirely new outlook on the world.

What exactly do students get from the course? 

An incredible foundation knowledge of astrology. They’ll be able to read charts by the end of the class, for themselves, for their friends, their family, which comes with really learning the language of astrology. And once you know how to read charts, you can learn how to optimize your experience of life, by working with potentials, and identifying the best time to tackle certain things.

It’s also meant to get people in harmony with the natural cycles. Here we are in this layer cake – I see it as the Earth, the human realm, and the cosmic realm – and we’re actually so separated now from cosmic, the sky, and from the Earth. It’s a real sickness. So a lot of my work is to reconnect us to the natural cycles and the cosmic cycles, so we can really live in harmony. This is when people begin to understand what they came to this planet to do, and begin to actually do it.

For this reason, during the online astrology course students will change jobs, get a divorce, get remarried…it transforms their whole life! I always say to them, the first day of school, “Look around. Look at your landscape, your partner, your home, your career, and just take note of it now. Because I’m going to have you all do this again at the end of the class.” And so many of them have completely reinvented themselves because they’ve realized who they really are.

Which can feel more like remembering, right? 

I’m so glad you said that! Often it’s like remembering who you were when you were like, eight. There are parts of us that conform, follow the path our parents or society would want. But the Earth just wants us to be who we are. In fact the Earth needs us to be who we are, and to not be afraid of that. Seen like this, astrology is a tool to help you realign with your soul purpose.

Students will also learn where we’re at, as in the greater scheme of things. Everything from being in the age of Aquarius, to the fact the moon is in Virgo today, and what does that actually mean? So you really learn how to work with cosmic cycles, the big macro cycles as well as the micro cycles. And you don’t doubt yourself as much when you know the cycles. It’s like you really get that inner, warm “yes”.

Which also ties into the Buddhist theory that everything will pass – that no matter how difficult the current cycle might be, there will be something to replace that, something to balance it, that’s part of the grand design… 

When I got into astrology, that was, I think, my big question – like: “Is this ever going to end?” Often in these situations, we’re in the throes of some crazy Pluto transit, or something that’s really darkening, and astrology can show you how long the cycle will last. I talk about the planets as nature’s teachers, that we must learn to dance with. Like if you have a Pluto transit, okay, get ready to clear out your house, metaphysically speaking. You’re in the process of reinvention.

And be prepared to listen. Because if you lock the door, the planets will break in anyway, and that’s when the changes happen that you’re not ready for. It all comes back to the fact the Universe just wants you to be you. And all of these transits are nudging you towards that. They might take you through some really challenging adventures that throw your life upside down, but that’s because sometimes we’re just blocked, and we need that heavy transit to break out. But astrology shows you when it’s going to happen and when it’s going to be over, and that’s really useful information.

Learn more here about the school. Click the link to register for Rebecca’s online astrology course, which takes place via video call every Sunday from 6.30-8.30pm ET (classes are also recorded). Tuition for the 12-week course is $999, including lifetime access to all materials. PLUS Numinous readers can get a 30% discount when they enter “BEGINNER30” at checkout!

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